Zoo Frenzy and Degen Zoo Attack NFT Market

Key Points: The community is paying great attention to the newly emerging NFT project Degen Zoo.
The Degen Zoo team hopes to complete the game with very little money and very little time.
Although the official outline has been released, the game’s development is still ongoing and has not yet been released.
The community has been following the development of Degen Zoo, an animal NFT game. This game development is similar to a hackathon. As a joke, the game is completed in 30 days. The development progress is posted on social media every day. Degen Zoo attracted over 100,000 Twitter followers in just 30 days and more than 10,000 Telegram members joined the official Telegram group. The game was created by Chris Zaknun, founder of DAO Maker, and former Maker DAO developers engineers. It will be developed with a very low budget of $20,000 and will be completed in 30 days. The CryptoZoo NFT scam inspired the game. The Degen Zoo project team hopes that the game construction can be completed with minimal money and limited time. This is to demonstrate the incompetence and deceitfulness of CryptoZoo founder Logan Paul. All profits from the project will go to endangered animal charities as it is a charity game NFT project. The project’s purpose is to raise awareness about caring for animals and to teach people how to save them. The game features 100 animal species. Each animal can only have a certain number of NFTs. If all NFTs for a particular animal have been cast, they will multiply or become more scarce. Each animal has four characteristics: size, gender, rarity, diet, and size. The amount of DZOO token income an animal can generate will depend on the animal’s individual characteristics. The game’s gender restrictions are that only animals of the same sex can mate and produce offspring. Two male animals cannot have offspring and the same goes for two females. The game uses token to obtain animal eggs and hatch them. According to the Degen Zoo V1 paper, the entire game cycle can be broken down into four stages. (1) Obtaining animal egg: Players can acquire animal eggs by providing liquidity, staking DZOO Token and whitelist casting. (2) Hatching pet eggs: Players must consume 100,000 DZOO tokens in order to hatch animal eggs. Each animal is locked with a DZOO Token, which can range from 25,000 to 500,000. (3) Animal evolution: Players have the option to feed their animals other species to encourage them to evolve. The total number of DZOO Tokens in a high-level animal will always be greater than the sum of its two lower-level counterparts. Each animal can evolve two times. Feeding the animal twice with the exact same species can raise the animal to three levels. Evolution can increase the number and appearance of animal benefit tokens. (4) Killing animals can bring you benefits: Each animal has a unique life expectancy that ranges from 10-250 days. To make cash, players can kill an animal to gain cash. This means that the NFT of the animal can be destroyed to lock the DZOO token in its body. The token will be destroyed if the NFT is killed by the player in advance. The tokens that are released during burning will be less if the animal has a shorter lifespan. If the animal is underage, there is a 1% daily fine. If a player kills an animal within the 22nd day, they will be fined and locked up 78% of the unexpired token. The token will be destroyed by the player on the day of casting. The player will also lose 40%. The remaining 60% will go to the player. Players promote evolution by feeding other species of animals, and two female NFTs (male and female) will mate (will die) in order to produce new NFTs. The total number of NFTs decreases each time they mate or feed other animals. If the number of animals is fixed in the beginning, the supply Degen Zoo NFT will decrease rapidly over the course of time. This can theoretically lead to NFT deflation. In the latter stages of the game, players who kill animals in advance may destroy a portion of the token. The DZOO Token that enters incubation will also be withdrawn from the market for a brief time. The life span of animals is also variable. The time it takes to kill an animal will be delayed if the DZOO Token price stabilizes. It will not lead to centralized selling of tokens. The game is still within the Ponzi model’s scope. The low cost means that the first players will be able to kill animals earlier and make more profit. Players can grab DZOO Tokens to hatch eggs or buy eggs. However, the short-term demand will increase and the price of tokens will rise. The game is still in development and has not been launched yet. There may be additional rules. Officials at Degen Zoo are updating daily the game’s progress on social media platforms like Twitter. Degen Zoo’s challenge may also prove that the cost, time and labor required to create a Ponzi-style P2E game is not as high as one might think. At present, when VCs are frantically chasing blockchain games, P2E games often have sky-high financing and tokens are issued early but are delayed, you might as well pay more attention to this kind of game project with high transparency and continuous advancement.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: CryptoZoo NFTDegen ZooDZOONFT