XRP News: More than 592 Million XRP Moved. What Are Whales Up to?

XRP News: Ripple’s native crypto, XRP, witnessed a significant increase of whale movement. As Ripple Vs The SEC lawsuit is getting closer to a judgement, crypto whales have been enjoying an XRP accumulation frenzy since December 2022. The tracker reported that 6 transactions totalling 592,258,033XRP (worth $227.439,311) were made across the platform.
XRP and Crypto Whales – Something Smells Fishy
Whale Alerts, an online platform for whale transaction analytics, reports that Mysterious whales have moved 592.25 millions XRP tokens in six transactions. The largest transaction, which involved 232,000,000 XRP and a total of $88.721,867, was a whale that moved $88.721,867 from one wallet to another.


A second whale moved 218,000,000XRP worth $84,1533,392 from an unknown wallet to an unknown wallet. In the third and fourth transactions, 63,000,000XRP valued at $24,213,047 were moved from unknown wallets into the crypto exchange Bitstamp.
A crypto whale transferred 44,000,000 XRP tokens, worth 16.869 5,516 from Bitso (a crypto exchange) to an unknown wallet. The last transaction was 35,258,033XRP, which was moved from Binance to an unknown wallet. More XRP news can be found here.

In the Deep Shade of Red
The XRP price trades at $0.3644 as of the time of writing. The 6th-ranked crypto asset in terms of market cap has fallen more than 4.88% over the past 24 hours. XRP has also fallen more than 5.79% since its one-month peak.
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Source: CoinMarketCap The bearish sentiment in the wider crypto market left XRP deep red. Investors were not distracted by any Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit updates.


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