XRP News: Hinman Docs To Gain Access Publicly? US SEC Blocking Doors

XRP News: In the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), vs Ripple Lawsuit, the crucial battle over the Hinman Ethereum speech-related documents and emails is only half done. The much-debated documents have been rescinded by the commission.
Can the US SEC fight back?
Attorney James Filan reported that Roslyn, a Forbes Senior Contributor, has filed an amended motion for intervention to petition the Court to access the Hinman Speech Documents. Her original request suggested that the US SEC offered the Hinman Speech documents to support its Summary Judgment Breifs. However, this was not the case.


She mentioned in her latest request that the US SEC requested that some of the speech docs Ripple submitted to support its motion for summary judgement be sealed. Layton has reviewed the critical role of these documents within the ongoing XRP lawsuit.
Layton asks the court to make the Hinman speech documents public and declines the SEC’s request to keep them sealed. The US SEC submitted the critical memos to Ripple, and defendants gave up their assertions. Read More XRP News…

Ripple on Hinman Docs
Ripple’s Chief Law Officer stated that they finally obtained the SEC emails and drafts for his 2018 speech after 18 months and 6 court order. He stated however that they would remain confidential for the time being. Ripple’s CEO stated that the commission doesn’t care about transparency, disclosure, or clarity.
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Roslyn Layton claimed that both the First Amendment as well as federal common law permit them to access judicial documents. These docs usually compel the public disclosure of judicial documents, she said.
Ripple already called these documents “judicial documents” by mentioning them in support of their summary judgment briefs.

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