XRP Lawsuit: Will SEC file for Reconsideration of Summary Judgement?

XRP Lawsuit News – The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission vs Ripple lawsuit ruling is awaited and is causing speculation about different outcomes. Both parties have filed final briefs seeking summary judgement in their favor. An attorney who was following the XRP lawsuit revealed the next steps of the SEC.
Ripple and SEC asked District Judge Analisa Torres to not send the XRP lawsuit for trial and to give a ruling in favor of them. Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, spread rumors about a settlement between the two parties around December 15, 2022.


Eleanor Terrett, FoxBussines Journalist debunked Hoskinson’s rumor regarding the Settlement. She said that a source close to the XRP lawsuit had informed her that this rumor was false.
Answering a user’s question about the XRP lawsuit, Attorney Jeremy Hogan responded. A user wanted to know if the SEC would file for reconsideration of summary judgment before appealing it. Hogan said that the commission could request reconsideration.
He said that he was not certain that the SEC would appeal a loss. It seems too dangerous at the moment.
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