XRP Lawsuit: How many Pro-Ripple Amicus Briefs Have Been Filed By Deadline

XRP Vs SEC Lawsuit News. The deadline to file amicus briefs in the XRP vs SEC case has expired on November 18. Ripple received numerous amici briefs from companies within the crypto ecosystem in support of its support. The Blockchain Association and crypto exchange Coinbase were among the pro-Ripple files. As the crypto community waits for the summary judgment in the XRP lawsuit, the deadline is a significant milestone in the case.
Ripple received a lot of support from different parties in the lawsuit against U.S. SEC. There were 15 amicus briefs filed in support of Ripple by the deadline of November 18. The overwhelming majority of the amicus short were filed in support Ripple, while the SEC received only one. Attorney Jeremy Hogan stated that Ripple received 14 amicus briefs, while the SEC received one. These companies filed amici briefs in support of Ripple (XRP) as of the November 18 deadline.
Chamber of digital commerce, I-Remit. TapJets. I-CAN. Spend-the-Bits. Coinbase. Paradigm Ops. Deaton. VeriDAO. Reaper Financial. CCI, Cryptillian. NSEI. Valhil Capital.


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