XRP Lawsuit Deadline Closing In? Or it will stretch?

XRP Lawsuit news: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), filed a lawsuit against Ripple Laboratories Inc. and two of its executives. This action is expected to bring clarity to the digital asset markets. There may be a delay in the much-anticipated Summary Judgment for the XRP lawsuit.
In XRP Lawsuit, Ruling to Delay
Attorney James Deaton, representing XRP holders in the Ripple vs SEC case, gave huge news about the closing date for summary judgment. He stated that there is no March 31 deadline at the moment. There are a number of motions that have been pending since more than six months.


He said that these motions could be submitted at the end March or the end September.

Bill Morgan, another attorney who was following the XRP lawsuit, mentioned that the Summary Judgment Motion Memorandum of the US SEC states that Ripple’s counsel Andrew Ceresney met in September 2019 with Bill Hinman, then Director of US SEC. The US SEC advised that XRP offerings be registered or that they should cease being offered. More XRP Lawsuit news here…
Judge to Make a Decision Soon

This argument will take longer to form a decision in Ripple’s lawsuit. However. Deaton pointed out that the 6-month list will not impact the case if Judge Torres does not issue a ruling before September.
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Attorney informed that a court list will be sent out by March 31, 2023. The list won’t include the Ripple vs SEC case as her ruling has not been pending for six months. The case will likely be reported by the end of September, according to the expectation.

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