Worldwide Webb Review: Not a Perfect Metaverse, But Better Than Meta’s

Key TakeawaysWorldwide Webb allows users to create avatars that can be used to create NFTs.
The platform supports more than 40 different Ethereum NFT collection; enthusiasts can also purchase land plots or in-game items.
Worldwide Webb’s mini-games and quests can quickly become repetitive. However, players may still enjoy the social aspect of the platform.
Share this article. Worldwide Webb uses crypto lore and integrates to offer Web3 fans a metaverse experience that is pleasant and familiar. It was created by Thomas Webb, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The game allows players to explore Chain City–a crypto-themed municipality–interact with each other, show off their NFTs, and go on quests.More than a game, Worldwide Webb markets itself as a crypto metaverse–a virtual world in which users are able to create a new identity and have complex social interactions. In his 1992 novel Snow Crash Neil Stephenson invented the term “metaverse”. It was first used in mainstream consciousness when Facebook announced that it would rebrand to Meta and create its own metaverse. The pivot saw the price of tokens from existing crypto metaverse projects like Decentraland soar while many new projects were launched to capitalize on the hype. The Worldwide Webb Land NFT collection, which allows players to purchase in-game land plots NFTs, was launched in November 2021. The Worldwide Webb Items collection, which focuses on in-game accessories and objects, was created in January 2022. Although the project is still in the development phase, it is now accessible to the public. Accessibility (4/5) Worldwide Webb is easily accessible. It’s a browser-based game. To register and connect to a MetaMask account, you simply need to visit the official website. The registration process is quick and easy. There is no need to download anything. The game can be played on both desktops and mobile phones. Switching accounts is easy. Simply log off and log back on with another MetaMask wallet. However, Worldwide Webb’s main draw is its NFT integration tools. NFTs are not required to play, but they are a crucial part of the game’s social aspect. If you are an NFT enthusiast who wants to show off some of yours, then you will need to transfer them to the MetaMask wallet associated to Worldwide Webb. You may also want to purchase land plots or other items from Worldwide Webb depending on how much you like the platform. These are currently priced at 0.27 Ethereum (roughly $297) and 147ETH ($161,700) via OpenSea. Graphics and art (3/5) The game is unique in that it doesn’t attempt to create a realistic-looking metaverse, like Meta’s. It avoids the “uncanny Valley” effect, where a human-like figure causes fear and unease due to small imperfections. Worldwide Webb instead uses pixel art that is reminiscent of classic role-playing games such as Zelda and the first Final Fantasy entries. This aesthetic is especially fitting since the crypto space has a penchant to use the same style of art. In fact, many of the first NFT collections such as CryptoPunks or MoonCats default to it. Worldwide Webb’s design is charming, elegant, and detailed. Pixel art can sometimes make games difficult to see. Its soundtrack is also very good. Players can listen to relaxing lo fi beats as they walk through Chain City’s streets. The greatest weakness of Worldwide Webb’s gameplay is its gameplay. Its game mechanics are not very fun. There is very little in-game progression. Quests require a lot of walking around the map, which is very small, and talking to non-player characters. Once you become proficient at mining, fishing, or digging, it becomes repetitive. The same goes for mini-games. Mini-games offer players the chance to battle hordes, play Mario Kart, or battle with their NFT pets in a Pokemon-style fashion. However, they are not designed in their own right. There are only a few quests currently available. Users can spend hours searching for them on the map. Story and Lore (3/5)Crypto-natives might be thrilled to find a game so deeply rooted in crypto culture. There are many crypto memes, and places and characters are named after Web3 jargon. Satoshi Nakamoto (the Bitcoin inventor), Vitalik Buterin (the Ethereum creator), and Michael Saylor (the Bitcoin evangelist) are all represented as holograms. More subtle jokes–like the presence and importance of a Link Marine and the role Chain City’s McDonald’s plays in the game–show the developers’ love for crypto. Players can also customize avatars to look like NFTs they own, which allows them to meet familiar NFTs with their own lore. It’s a special experience to enter a cave and find a Cool Cat or a Crypto Punk mining ore. Beyond the few quests, there is no narrative to the game. The most compelling story is about a father who loses his fishing rod after gambling. It’s funny, but not very engaging. Crypto Element (3/5) The game can be commended because it allows for crypto interoperability. Users can personalize their avatars to appear as NFTs they own, as previously mentioned. There are currently 40 collections supported. More will be added in the future. The original collections don’t have to be in pixel art. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have been integrated. You can also purchase in-game apartments or penthouses by collecting NFTs for land plots. The versatile builder tool makes these dwellings highly customizable. NFT pets and items are also available. The game supports Ethereum only. Worldwide Webb is still a great place to meet your NFTs. The platform allows users to create their own worlds and forge social bonds through group chat. Worldwide Webb users still visit the site daily, despite the market turmoil and general loss of interest in crypto. The community is friendly and open to newcomers. This is not the place to go if you are looking for a fun and exciting crypto game. This metaverse might be for you if you want to make friends and show off your NFTs to other enthusiasts. Worldwide Webb is rated 3/5 by Crypto Briefing. 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