Will Degods and y00ts be able to move into new homes?

DeGods, a Solana ecological NFT-project, announced it would bridge to Ethereum within the first quarter next year. Its second-generation project y00ts also will bridge to Polygon within the first quarter next year and will release more formal y00ts. Its unique gameplay mechanism has allowed it to increase its value more than tenfold and has made it one of the strongest communities within the entire Solana NFT ecosystem. Due to the close relationship between FTX and the Solana ecosystem, the entire Solana ecology has been affected. DeGods is not spared. The FTX incident has caused the floor price to drop by more than 70%. This has made it necessary for DeGods to “escape” from Solana in order to plan. Ethereum has always occupied a dominant position and is the first choice of NFT developers. It is therefore not surprising that DeGods moved to Ethereum. However, Polygon was chosen by its second-generation project y00ts, which is somewhat surprising. Polygon is less secure than Ethereum and has a weak NFT ecosystem. Why did y00ts make this decision?Polygon’s NFT layout approach. Polygon was one of the first Opensea-integrated public chains to be created alongside Ethereum. It attracted many NFT users due to its low cost and quick transaction experience. It was the second-largest NFT user and had a transaction volume that rivaled or even exceeded Ethereum. ecology. Later, Polygon Studios was founded to expand the chain game as well as NFT territory. More than 36 projects have been funded so far. These projects are almost always deployed on Polygon chain. However, in bear market Polygon’s data fell in all aspects and the NFT market was less active. Polygon is also seeing new breakthroughs and has increased partnerships with Web 2 as well as traditional businesses. Polygon has attracted many well-known brands over the past few months and has already collaborated with top brands like Meta, Coca-Cola and Starbucks. Reddit’s NFT Series Reddit Collectible Avatar, which Polygon issued, ushered in a peak transaction volumes in a short time and once exceeded 25% of the total mainstream market transaction volume. The total number Reddit Collectible avatars exceeds 7 million and the total number holding addresses exceeds 5,000,000. Reddit is a major Web2 site with more than 1.5 billion users, 430 million monthly active and 52 million daily active users. Although Reddit NFT has a small number of addresses compared to its daily active users it will allow many Web 2 companies to adopt a wait-and see approach to NFT. This will create new narratives about NFT and help Polygon grow user scale and improve liquidity. Vora, who is also the founder of DeGods said that Polygon’s active cooperation and collaboration with well-known brands is a reason for their choice. In the last round, NFT bull markets, we saw the star effect bring real traffic to NFT and also greatly impact the price of NFT. Star effects are concentrated in NFT’s celebrities in entertainment media, as NFT has its own entertainment and cultural attributes. Polygon launched a collection NFTs from former US President Trump. It is not uncommon to collaborate with business and political celebrities to deploy NFT. This includes Jack Dorsey’s tweet NFT and Musk’s ELONGATE. These NFTs have not been sold in perfect sales. The Trump NFT was quickly sold out and once topped Opensea’s 24-hour trading list. Nansen data shows that more than 332,000 people created NFT on Polygon within the first week of the launch. This is a significant increase in transaction volume for Polygon, which has seen it gain traction during the initial hype cycles. Data shows that there have been more than 960 million transactions on the Polygon blockchain and that 234,000 contract creators created 778,000 smart contracts. The number of unique addresses on Polygon blockchain has exceeded 202 million as of December 26th. Prior to y00ts major projects in Solana had announced support for Polygon. Phantom, a single chain wallet originally dedicated solely to Solana, announced support to Polygon and expanded its service scope. It also officially upgraded from a single blockchain wallet to a multichain wallet. This makes it seem like major projects in the Solana ecosystem had been planning for Polygon support for at least a year. The move from wallets that accept Polygon NFTs to integrating Polygon’s NFT marketplace seems like it is paving the way to the migration. First, Polygon is experiencing technical problems such as an 11-hour network downtime in March due to node failure and the loss in user funds due loopholes in the Polygon PoS Creation contract. It is not clear if it is a secure bottom layer. The final stage of the Polygon zkEVM test network, which was launched by Polygon in Oct this year, has been launched. According to the official statement, this technology will significantly increase the transaction volume per minute of Polygon. The main network will soon be launched. It can also be considered a technical breakthrough by Polygon. Polygon is paying with a grant it received from its partners’ fund, which is expected last for a year. Degod founder Frank III denied asking for funds. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsContentsTags: DeGodsEthereumNFTPolygonSolanay00ts