Why is the Pepe Frog Version of Checks NFT so popular lately, despite 230,000 minttings

Pepe’s frog version Checks-Pepe Edition is very popular on social media. Pepe’s frog version of Checks-Pepe Edition won over 230,000 NFT coins. It also triggered a wave in second creations by well-known artists such as Beeple. Checks – Pepe Edition was launched by Vincent Van Dough (vvd.eth), a well-known NFT collector. The program was inspired by Checks – VV Edition, which was created with the Twitter blue V logo. Twitter began offering the Blue V certification program free of charge to well-known organizations and influential individuals and well-known organizations. This certification mark has become a symbol for real identity certification. Musk announced at the end last year that Twitter had launched an $8 paid authentication service. Users can purchase a blue authentication logo that includes their name and the ability to modify tweets by paying monthly. This reform plan has been controversial. There are many fake accounts that pretend to be celebrities or brand owners, and they can be bought with money. The service was immediately suspended.
The blue tick is a symbol that transcends culture and language. It has become as common as money. If no one is unique, then everyone is unique. People are moving away from the recognition and verification centralized institutions to digitally verified art, ideas, and other things. All of this can be realized through smart contract and cryptocurrencies.
Jack Butcher, an NFT artist, was also inspired by this farce and released Checks – VV Edition. Checks – VV Edition uses 80 Twitter certification logos in different colours to express ownership and identity challenges in an Internet age. This is similar to Andy Warhol’s simple and clear repetition. The total transaction volume for this series is over 12,000 ETH and the floor price has reached 2.5 Ethereum. Pepe Frog’s Checks NFT have naturally attracted a lot attention based on the traffic base. NFTGo data has shown that Checks – Pepe Edition has minted over 237,000 pieces and held more that 11,000 addresses as of February 8. This is based on the traffic base of Checks – VV Edition. The total secondary market volume has exceeded 330 ETH. Beeple, an encryption artist and creator of “Everydays” and “The First 5000 Days”, released “DAWN of CHECK.” The outside world is following Vincent’s movements in an effort to duplicate his investment abilities. This naturally draws attention to Checks-Pepe edition. NFT Track data shows that Vincent had 5,455 NFTs as of February 8 (including Pudgy Penguins and Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult) and spent a total 9,760 ETH. Vincent is also a diamond expert. Vincent has sold NFT for 540 ETH so far, which is only 9.8% of the total purchase money. Vincent continues to buy and mint Checks-Pepe Editions and related series in large numbers. He currently holds 769 Pepe Frog Checks NFT. Vincent and Three Arrows Capital created the NFT collection fund Starry Night Capital in August 2021. The goal was to invest in rare works from sought-after collections as well as unique, culturally important, and unique works of their kind from renowned NFT artist. The fund was once home to many high-value NFTs such as Ringers #879 which was purchased with 1,800 ETH. However, it was eventually closed down by Three Arrows Capital. Open Edition allows players to purchase the same NFT work without limits for a set period of time. The works obtained have the same appearance as the original version numbers. Open Edition is a great way to keep the NFT community balanced. Open Edition is a good way to maintain a healthy balance in the NFT community. Open Edition is supported by many NFT platforms like Manifold and Zora. It can reduce the difficulty of technology creation for creators and facilitate issuance of NFT. Open Edition may also be a way for creators to increase their reputation. Beeple, for example, auctioned 23 digital artworks in 2020 at a starting price $969, and a limited-time auction lasting 5 minutes. In March 2022, max pain was sold by XCopy via Nifty Gateway at a price 1 ETH. This allowed the Checks NFT to achieve a rare value. Checks NFT was inspired by Damien Hirst’s NFT work The Currency’s “NFT & physical objects” destruction mechanism. The number of Checks containing LOGO can be determined as 40, 20, 5, 4, and 1. To upgrade his NFT, the player must destroy certain numbers of NFTs from the same version to get the smaller version in descending order. Players can destroy two 80-Check NFTs to get a 40-Check NFT. Two 40-Check NFTs will get a 20 Check NFT. It is up to the player decide which serial number to assign the new NFT created after it is destroyed. This game mechanism will further encourage players to participate. It remains to be seen if the OE-type NFT will last or if it will bring about a complete overhaul of the NFT market. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: BeepleChecks NFTEthereumNFTOpen EditionPepePepe FrogVincent Van Dough