Why is BLUR Token Trending? What is Unique About This New Token

360 million BLUR tokens were dropped by NFT marketplace Blur this week. The holders of BLUR tokens sold their tokens and the BLUR price dropped 85% after the airdrop. Many users regretted selling their BLUR tokens after the BLUR price rebound amid huge hype. Blur’s native token has been added to the top 100 crypto lists.
In a tweet, yh.eth, a NFT researcher at Delphi Digital, stated that selling his BLUR airdrop was a mistake. He also said that the Blur Bidding mechanism would be a game-changer in the NFT space.


Whales dominate the NFT market, contributing a lot to the trading volume. Whales are primarily interested in selling quickly and buying cheaper to make profit. The market lacks liquidity and NFT trading experience.
It would take several days to sell all 20 Doodles NFTs if someone wanted to sell them all today. Another problem is the spiraling downward floor price and the need for active re-adjustment.
How Blur is Different?
The Paradigm-backed Blur NFT market was launched in October last and solved the liquidity problem with the introduction of the Bid Points system. The bid mining model is essentially an ETH liquidity pool transaction in which users provide liquidity to a liquidity fund. Similar to Uniswap’s AMM innovation in the DeFi space to decrease liquidity issues.
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Blur’s bidding system encourages users to want the airdrop, and they bear the risk of NFT price fluctuations once the bid is accepted. Blur has more liquidity than OpenSea, which allows users to trade more. Whales can also buy and sell large quantities of NFTs without any hassle.

Moreover, the BLUR token releases allow value distribution to the community. With over billions of BLUR traded volume, the majority of the airdrop from the first season has been claimed. The redistribution is taking place from small to large investors, whales and crypto influencers like Arthur Hayes, BitMEX founder, who are all able to distribute BLUR. The BLUR circulating supply will rise to 1 billion by year-end.
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Binance Must Still List BLUR Token

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, still needs to list BLUR token. The listing will increase trading volume and the price of BLUR. The second airdrop will occur sooner, and recipients will depend on NFT trading and bidding processes.
Coinbase and other major crypto exchanges have already listed the BLUR token. The current price is $1.30, an increase of 10% over the last 24 hours.
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