White House Invites Public Comment on Crypto Assets As Upcoming Policy In 2023

Key Points: The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy requested public assistance to identify critical areas of crypto assets.
The White House is currently investigating the possibility of creating a digital currency for central banks (CDBC).
The Biden Administration seeks public feedback on crypto assets and crypto technology in order develop future crypto policy.
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy requests public comment to help identify priorities in research and development related digital assets. This includes various underlying technologies like blockchain, distributed ledgers and decentralized finance. It also addresses related issues such cybersecurity and privacy (e.g., quantum resistance and cryptographic foundations), programmability, and sustainability.
The White House also asked the public to indicate which market segments they believe virtual assets are affecting in the document.
Information about goals, areas, or applications where digital asset might pose risks or harms. Examples of where these risks or harms have already been manifested. Where appropriate, respondents are encouraged explain how digital assets are introducing new risk or harms in advancing their underlying goal, sector or application, as compared to traditional databases or other technologies.
The White House continues to state that it is currently investigating the possibility of developing a central banking digital currency (CDBC), or crypto asset backed in part by a country’s central banks, and that it would love to know what the public thinks about a US CDBC.
Respondents are encouraged, where possible, to describe how the discussed [research-and-development] topic could be used to help a potential US CBDC systems align with the Policy Objectives for a US CBDC Systems.
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