What Crypto Tokens Are At Risk Due to Panic over ChatGPT Vs Google

ChatGPT vs Google News: In the midst of AI chatbots, Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company lost stock value by about 8% on Wednesday 8 February 2023. Google’s massive loss is due to panic sentiment among traders who also share the ChatGPT competition.
After ChatGPT’s entry, several crypto tokens in AI began to dominate crypto market. As the competition between Google AI and OpenAI intensifies, it is being speculated that AI tokens will continue to gain traction. Artificial intelligence-based innovations are faster to develop than other technological breakthroughs. Traders are now considering the potential synergy of cryptocurrencies and AI technology in this context.


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Since January 2023, there has been a huge increase in search traffic for the phrase “crypto AI” over the past few years. This directly translates into interest in cryptocurrencies that work in the AI domain.

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AI Crypto Tokens – Huge Potential
Google Bard, an AI chatbot powered by AI, has been announced by Google. This announcement comes after a meteoric rise of interest in AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. Google is therefore working to quickly roll out its ChatGPT alternative. The rise in interest in AI tokens is evident in cryptocurrencies such as The Graph (GRT), which was ranked 40 based upon market cap, has more than doubled its value compared with a week ago. Big Data Protocol (BDP), which is a cryptocurrency with a low market cap, has seen its value skyrocket in the past week with a 10x increase in value.
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What are other altcoins you should consider?


Other altcoins that are not used for AI could be left behind in the face of high expectations regarding AI tokens. It remains to be seen if the market will continue to show interest in AI tokens. Are AI Crypto tokens the next bull run’s memecoins? Or will it end up as a bulltrap?
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