Whale Drops This Top Token In Millions To Binance

Since the beginning of 2018, the cryptocurrency market has seen a significant resurgence. As some cryptocurrencies reached all-time highs, many cryptocurrencies have been in the news. SingularityNET, AGIX, is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies. However, the reason it is the talk of town today is different.
Lookonchain, an online-chain analytics platform, reported on February 24 that AGIX token holder early on had transferred a large amount of tokens to Binance.


Millions of SingularityNETs (AGIX), Moved
According to the analysis, the whale transferred 11.8million $AGIX (worth $4.8million) to Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange.
Lookonchain stated in the following thread that the early holder drew 4.4M$AGI from EtherDelta between January 19 and March 18, 2018, and purchased around 12.4 million tokens from Binance over the course of 19 month (from Oct 23, 2018 through Apr 07, 2020).
In May 2021, the project team announced that the SingularityNET AGI token had been hard forked to $AGIX. Many crypto exchanges supported the transition from AGI to AGIX at that time!
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This particular holder claimed 17.26 million tokens to re-stake them through fourteen new addresses. Finally, the whale moved and claimed part the staking $AGIX. It was transferred to Binance today, where it was likely to sell.
AGIX Token Price To Rise Above $0.50?

The 6.87% price increase in SingularityNET(AGIX) in the last 24 hours is a sign that it is benefiting greatly from the growing interest in AI-based coins. The SingularityNET is the most successful artificial intelligence-based token, with a 151.32% increase in one month.
SingularityNET’s (AGIX), token price increased to $0.4323 on February 24, gaining 4.03% in the last hour. The price of the AI coin has fallen by 69.03% since its record-breaking $1.86 high. SingularityNET’s current price (AGIX) could rise to $0.50 in near future, according to speculations.
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