Web3 Builders Announce 5 APIs To Prevent Financial Crimes From Occurring in Web3

Key Points:Web3 Builders is a crypto security startup that has released five new APIs to prevent fraudulent web3 transactions.
These tools can scan more than 30 million suspicious domains per day and search for vulnerabilities in around 55 million Ethereum smart contracts.
Web3 Builders, a crypto security firm, has released five new APIs to prevent financial crimes in web3 spaces. Web3 Builders announced a set of tools to address this issue in a February 2nd announcement. TrustCheck is a browser plug-in that warns users of potential scams. TrustCheck could now be deployed to web3 exchanges and dApps, wallets and marketplaces that use these APIs to detect suspicious transfers or scams.
Unfortunately, fraud and scams are still very common in the Web3 space.
Ricky Pellegrini, CEO of Web3 Builders, stated that in October, the company raised $7,000,000 in a seed round led by Road Capital. This round included participation from OpenSea Ventures (Sparkle Ventures), Global Founders Capital and others. Rose stated on Twitter that he was using protective wallet plugins such as Stelo to alert him of potentially dangerous wallet transfers. Arkham also found that nine OnChainMonkey products were worth at least 7.8 ETH each. Rose kept a few NFTs safe by storing them at a different vault. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: DAppsKevin RosemoonbirdsWeb3Web3 ecosystemweb3 startupweb3 technology