Walmart Groceries with Crypto Payments When Launched In 2023

Walmart crypto news: Walmart, a US department store chain, appears to be quietly developing the technology to enable crypto-based payments. Recent statements by the company’s executives have acknowledged the potential for crypto assets to be used as a means of payment. The company has been working to make it easy to pay using cryptocurrencies. Walmart filed for a trademark in early 2022 for the use of crypto for payments, NFTs, and other uses.
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Amazon announced earlier in January 2023 that it would soon launch its program for non-fungible tokens. According to reports, Amazon was developing its own digital assets enterprise and would launch the NFT initiative in spring 2023. This is in addition to its efforts to create blockchain-based gaming and other NFT apps.
The retail chain company is currently hiring for roles in cybersecurity and cryptography roles. These roles appear to be related to building a blockchain project. Six positions are currently available at the company, which has locations across the US. They require knowledge of crypto technologies. Walmart’s crypto job description clearly mentions the need to communicate crypto concepts to a variety of audiences, from non-technical people to those who are familiar with them.


Walmart filed seven crypto-related trademark applications in December 2021. These included NFTs and virtual currency.
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