Uniswap Detected a Critical Vulnerability that Could Lead to Billions Of Dollar Loss

Key Points: A critical vulnerability in Uniswap was fixed. This could have resulted in consumers paying billions of dollars.
The Dedaub team recognized the re-entrancy problem that could have led to misappropriation consumer funds. Uniswap’s development team was alerted.
After the DEX developer fixed the problem, the Universal Router smart contract was redeployed across all Polygon’s networks.
Uniswap’s critical vulnerability was fixed. This could have caused customers to lose millions of dollars. The Dedaub team informed the Uniswap developers. They acknowledged the problem and redeployed Universal Router smart contract across all Polygon’s networks. Their analysis revealed that malicious actors could embed a scripting language to control token activities. Uniswap re-deployed and added a reentrancy lock to its core operation. Source: DefiLlama. This is due to the way transactions are handled on account-based blockchains such as Ethereum. Hackers have been able to steal hundreds of millions of tokens over the years. The victim cannot withdraw funds from the pool once the transaction has been accepted by the pool. This is because smart contracts are implemented on an immutable basis layer. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: DedaubDeFiDexETHEthereumUNIUniswap