Top 5 NFT Fractionalization Projects to Watch in 2023

Fractional art, also known as fractionalized NFT, is a growing area this year that can be used for investing. Non-fungible tokens are a key trend in crypto. The technology behind them is also noteworthy. Non-fungible tokens (or simply NFTs) have been around since 2014. However, they only became more popular in the crypto market recently as people shifted their focus from trading to investing. This is how fractionalized NFT programs and fractionalized NFT platform were created. Fractional art was not around for long, but the demand for NFTs made it a popular alternative asset. NFT is still a versatile investment asset. However, the number of fractionalized NFT projects is increasing. Companies like Nike, Coca Cola, and even Macy’s have invested in NFT this year.advertisementBut NFTs are also quite expensive, although fractional art examples are available nowadays. Fractionalized NFTs or F-NFTs, are smaller NFT shards which can be used in multiple applications. There is an entire landscape consisting of various fractionalized NFT projects and platforms that one can benefit from.advertisementLet’s take a look at 5 top NFT fractionalization platforms projects to keep an eye on in 2023. Trending top fractionalization NFT marketplaceThe one leading the list of fractionalized NFT platforms has to be It is a well-known platform where NFT communities can mint using the fractional protocol. This smart contract is permissionless. is open to all and completely decentralized. There are more than 1100 NFT vaults that contain popular NFTs such as Cryptopunks or Etherrock. is a well-known fractionalized NFT marketplace that was created by OxLeia. is a well-respected fractionalized NFT marketplace. offers more than just a place for fractional art sales, such as farms and swaps. sells NFT fractions as uTokens, which users can purchase after a collection has been voted on. LIQNFT secure platform to fractionalize Solana based NFTs. This platform allows users to sell or buy fractionalized NFTs, and even serialize them on the Solana Blockchain. All such NFTs will be stored at the LIQNFT Treasure vault. Users are able to define the parameters they want while paying fees for pledging the NFTs in treasury.NFTfy.comFractionalized NFT platform with multi-blockchain supportAt NFTfy, fractionalized non-fungible tokens are broken down in 3 steps. A fractionalized marketplace allows users the ability to sell fractions to other token holders or to groups of people before fractionalization takes place. Unstacking NFTs will cost you either the reserve price, or 100% of the particular NFT. NFTfy supports fractionalization on NFTs on Ethereum. Polygon, Fantom. BNB. and Avalanche. NFTX emerging fractionalized NFT PlatformNFTX uses an Index Fund approach to do what other fractionalized NFT projects do. This protocol decentralizes the ability to find NFTs with equal value in index funds. NFTX is an ERC-20 token that users receive when they contribute artwork to an index or buy a slice of it. You can find lower-value artwork mostly on the NFTX platform. This platform allows fractionalization by pooling NFTs with the same value. It is different from the other projects.