Top 5 Indian Web3 Companies To Look Out For In 2023

Web3 and cybersecurity are the most talked about topics among businesspeople and investors lately.
India’s Web3 industry is growing just like cybersecurity. VC firms such as Jump Capital, Coinbase Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz are also supporting traditional organizations. However, early Web3 investors such as Sequoia Capital India and Lightspeed are supporting founders.
Polygon has modified the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to allow unanimity for each block. The Ethereum blockchain’s security, interoperability and structural benefits are preserved. The Polygon platform can however increase the flexibility, scalability and sovereignty of a Blockchain project. MATIC handles the network’s management, securitization and payment transaction fees.
GuardianLink, a no-code NFT platform, allows entrepreneurs, professionals, and others to create. You can also create your own launchpads for NFTs. Like their high-end legitimacy protocol, no one can guarantee NFTs’ legitimacy. High-end artists and businesses have the ability to publish, mint and preview their own curated NFTs.
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KrypC, a Bangalore-based blockchain software company, was founded in 2016. The company has offices in India, the Netherlands, and the United States. KrypC and IBM have partnered to develop smart contracts applications for blockchain technology. The company uses Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain technology platforms.
SoluLab offers digital and technological solutions. It is proficient in web development, mobile application development, blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things. It is the most prominent enterprise blockchain development company in the country. The business has been working with more than 50 distinguished clients since its inception in 2014. It has completed over 90 high-end projects, and its success rate is over 95%. Their client base has grown to 12 countries in a short time.
Biconomy is a platform for blockchain developers that allows them to improve their Web3 project’s transactional and onboarding capabilities. The plug-and play strategy allows for seamless Web 3 interactions. It is however between DApps, end users and minimizes blockchain complications. We provide a multi-chain, non custodial, gas-efficient relayer network that supports massively scaleable meta-transactions.
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