Top 5 Indian NFT Artists Representing India on the NFT Art Scene

Home >> Blog >> Top 5 Indian NFT Artists Representing India at the NFT Art Scene. NFT art is new to the Indian diaspora. But, it’s not. Sneha Chakraborty is a leading street and mural artist who has recently entered the NFT art scene. She has traveled across India and painted hundreds upon hundreds of wall murals. Here are the latest stories. Prasad BhatPrasad Bhat’s unique and creative way of portraying people’s faces is well-known. Prasad Bhat is the founder of Graphicurry, an artist company and design studio in Bangalore, India. His unique style of portraying people’s faces is well-known. Siraj HassanIn 2021 the NFT artist rocked the digital landscape with his “Caged NFT” collection on OpenSea. The series was inspired by Hassan’s fascination for glass snow globes. The inspiration for the artwork series came from nature, striking skull patterns, and the mental state. These artworks were created during the lockdown and are about loneliness, mental health, and other topics. Khyati TrhanKhyati is a New Delhi-based graphic designer and 3D visual artist. After graduating from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, in 2014, she has worked with the Oscars, Instagram, Snapchat, the New Yorker magazine, the New York Times, Samsung, PRINT, WeWork, Adobe, and Apple.Khyati was named one of Print Magazine’s 15 New Visual Artists Under 30 in 2017, was named Artistry Creator of the Year at Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards, is a Young Guns 19 Winner, and was recently named to Forbes India’s 30 Under 30 list.Trehan’s artworks are playful, expressive, and diverse, and have appeared in publications such as WIRED, Vice, Communication Arts, Fast Company, Creative Review, and many more.Her Twitter: artwork can be found here5. Karan KalraA Delhi-based digital artist, Karan Kalra uses illustration and animation, painting, sculpture, and other skills to create artworks that bridge between web3 culture and pop culture. Since 2016, Kalra has been active on the scene and has a strong following. His tribute to New Delhi, his futuristic depiction of the 2000 rupee note or his flying automobiles are all part of his work.
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