Top 5 Coins to Buy in December 2022 for 10x Profit

Top Crypto Coins It is actually alive and well.
Both retail investors and whales are rebalancing to take advantage the next bull run. This list may help you if you are thinking the same.
Top Crypto Coins to Watch
1. Bitcoin (BTC).
Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, is currently in a difficult time. The market is dealing with the aftermath of FTX-Alameda’s crisis and liquidity problems in many other crypto firms. According to reports, many crypto whales may have sold a large amount of BTC. Bitcoin mining companies are also under great pressure to sell their holdings to pay their expenses. This has caused Bitcoin’s price to fall further, as a result of a strong bear market.
BTC currently trades at $16,000, a drop of $20,000 from the previous 30 days. It’s a great time to invest in Bitcoin, if you can hold it until the next bull run. Bitcoin is on sale at a discount. You will likely see a high ROI over the long-term because the OG coin is very limited and considered a store value.

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2. Chainlink (LINK).
LINK is trading at $6-7, near its 52-week lowest. Chainlink’s price could rise once the bull market kicks into effect. This is because the underlying infrastructure as well as the community behind Chainlink are still alive and kicking.
Chainlink’s blog states that altcoin will be available for stake starting December 6. Operators and holders of LINK token nodes are eligible to be rewarded for their contributions to improving the security of decentralised Oracle services.

3. BNB
Since the beginning of the week, the BNB coin has gained momentum on the market. It currently trades at $296, an 8.99% increase in just seven days. This extraordinary market is currently in crisis. BNB is expected in the near future to return good returns if this trend continues.

4. Ripple (XRP).
The price of XRP also has increased significantly. It has seen a 9.41% increase in the past 7 days. XRP trades at $0.416, an increase of nearly 7% from $0.38 seven-days ago.
Analysts believe that Ripple’s court case is almost over and that the token’s value will rise in the months ahead. It is a great asset to invest in.

5. Dogecoin (Doge).
DOGE is also participating in this race. Dogecoin’s value has risen by 25.21% over the past 30 days. This is significant considering the market conditions. DOGE currently trades at $0.0822. It is worth noting that DOGE has experienced a 34.87% increase in the last 60 days, and a 29.19% increase in the past 90 days.
This meme coin’s future potential is unquestionable, making it a great asset to hold a position on.

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