Top 5 Blockchain Projects to Investigate in February

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary method for storing and sharing data. It is not dependent on any one person or business to store the data. Instead, it is distributed among thousands of computers all over the world. Blockchain networks are therefore much safer than traditional data storage methods. Participation in blockchain projects is a great way to get into the blockchain ecosystem.
1. Uhive
The Uhive Blockchain project is designed to revolutionize social networking. The Uhive platform is similar to other social media platforms. Users can connect with their loved ones and pursue their interests. It is unique because each user has a certain number of “spaces” which increase in value as the platform becomes more popular and active.


2. GOeureka
GOeureka, a travel technology company, uses Blockchain technology to revolutionize hotel experiences for customers. It is said to have over 400,000 hotels across the globe. GOeureka’s goal to provide users with a dynamic, digital experience is to eliminate hidden costs and commissions. These are usually imposed by online travel agencies/agencies.
3. Cognipet
CogniPet uses Blockchain technology for animal abuse and trafficking prevention. CogniPet allows pet owners and breeders to interact and engage with each other. It is an intelligent marketplace that matches them according to a native rating system. It also offers pet protection for animals registered in its system. CogniPet makes it easier to transfer ownership. This blockchain project will reduce animal trafficking.

4. Cinemadrum
Cinemadrum is a platform that makes use of Blockchain technology to finance, make and release movie productions. Cinemadrom aims to transform the international cinema industry by focusing on two areas. Cinemadrom can be used by filmmakers and cinematographers to distribute their finished work. They can also use Cinemadrom to raise funds for their film projects. It is one the most interesting and useful blockchain projects.
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ODEM (On-Demand Education Marketplace), is a blockchain-based educational platform that can be used in both academic or commercial settings. Both students and educators store credentials in Ethereum smart contracts. They also validate the courses taken. To fund tokenized transactions, the exclusive ERC-20 digital token ODE is used.
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