TON Foundation Launches a New Decentralized File-Sharing System

Key Points: The TON Foundation made public TON Storage, a decentralized file sharing and data-storage system.
Similar to peer to peer file sharing via torrents (TON Storage), TON Storage uses TON blockchain to share data on a private, secure and decentralized computer network.
Users will be able trade files of any size freely and securely in this manner, with all data automatically backed-up and secured.
The Open Network (TON) blockchain’s non-profit TON Foundation has introduced TON Storage, a decentralized file-sharing and data storage solution.TON Foundation is the guardian of the proof-of-stake blockchain TON, which was created by the founders of Telegram Messenger.Torrent-based internet-based peer-to-peer file sharing is similar to how TON Storage operates. TON Storage operates in a similar manner to TON File Sharing. However, instead of using centralized web servers, it uses TON blockchain to send files of any size. The files are not guaranteed to last. TON Storage offers incentives to users to host files and operate nodes.
“Anyone can become a TON network node operator and receive payments from other users to host files — even if they only operate one node.” This new product will encourage independent users to join TON network and help grow the TON ecosystem.
TON Storage integrates with TON Sites, TON DNS and TON DNS, allowing sites to start on the TON Network without requiring a fixed IP address, a centralized DNS or a licensed centralized centre. TON Storage is able to host TON Sites without the need for a webserver. This is the final piece in the puzzle for the TON Foundation’s goal to create a decentralized internet. Telegram launched the ability to purchase usernames through its messaging service via The Open Network-based decentralized marketplace Fragment. Telegram’s latest upgrade allows users to register accounts using anonymous numbers that are blockchain-based rather than mobile numbers. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: Decentralized File-SharingTelegramTONTon blockchainTon FoundationTON StorageTorrent