This Technical Resistance Restricts XRP Price Recovery; Will the Decline Continue?

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Brian Bollinger Despite the uncertainty surrounding XRP vs Sec, significant selling occurred despite the negative market sentiment. This altcoin has broken another support level of $0.35 with an intraday drop in price of 2.23%. Thus breakdown offers an additional resistance level on the seller’s side to limit price recovery.advertisementKey points: The $0.35 support breakdown sets the XRP price for a 6.2% fall
The coin price will continue to fall until the overhead resistance trendline has been reached.
The intraday trading volume at the XRP price was $741.2 billion, which is a 111% gain.
Source: TradingviewOver the past three week, the XRP prices have been steadily falling under the pressure of a descending trendline. The trendline has been reverted three times, indicating that a selling motive for rallies is driving the market sentiment. However, the recent sell-off in crypto market caused significant outflow and an accelerated downward spiral. The last reversal of the overhead trendline on December 14 resulted in a 13.7% drop within seven days. Trending StoriesThis altcoin has broken multiple support levels, the most recent being $0.35. This downfall accentuates the rising bearish momentum and negative sentiment in the crypto market. This downfall accentuates the rising bearish momentum and negative sentiment in the crypto market.advertisementEMAs: the crucial EMAs(20, 50, 100, and 200) leaning downwards offer additional selling pressure to XRP priceXRP intraday price levelsSpot price: $0.34
Trend: Bearish
Volatility Low
Resistance level: $0.35 and $0.38
Support level – $0.32 and 0.
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