This Game is Fall Guys, but as a Shooter

YouTube Video VVVMNGtuVHFwRjVLVGNKckFkZXRoZ05RLmFYQWVaUG1CM05r This Game Is Fall Guys, But As A Shooter 0 0 I jump into disguise and head out on a mission to play Blankos Block PartyJoin Secret Agent ‘Stache for TOP SECRET THURSDAYS with guests from the team and Agent Riz holding it down at Crypto Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters.Jump into an immersive social party game where you play with and against friends in racing, vibe collection, shooting, and brawl game modes.MORE INFO: MY CHANNEL FOR AGENT-ONLY PERKS: WITH ME IN DISCORD: ME ON SOCIAL: #nftgame #nftgames