These Top 5 Cryptocurrencies May Die Soon; Are You A Holder?

The market has been hit hard by the ongoing crypto crisis and winter. Everyone seems to be selling high-risk assets and consolidating portfolios to only the best tokens or coins.
As the market consolidates, and investors become more cautious, the probability of crypto projects that are still in their infancy failing to survive increases exponentially.
It is important to only invest in projects you truly believe in. Here are some crypto coins that may not survive the next few years.
1. (POE)
In 2016, the project was launched. It is a decentralised protocol that is specifically targeted at the publishing industry. It uses Poet timestamped data about creative content on blockchain. These open protocols were created for interoperability to current media standards.
We found these red flags:
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POE is only listed on HitBTC.
Twitter is not a very active community; the last tweet was sent on 15 January 2021


The market capitalization is only around $36,481 while the trading volume is about few hundred dollars (a few bucks on some days).
For the past 3 years, the price of the coin was more or less stable.
Cryptomiso, which ranks cryptocurrency based on Github activity and other factors, last updated this project on September 15, 2018.
Source: CoinMarketCapSource: CryptoMiso2. Bounty0x (BNTY)
ERC-20 token BNTY powers the Bounty0x network. It is a decentralised bounty hunting platform, which allows anyone to manage bounty programs and reward bounty hunters who complete bounty missions.
We found these red flags:
Twitter is not a large community (around 9k followers).
According to Cryptomiso this project was last updated May 2018.
The price of BNTY coins has been relatively stagnant over the past 3 years (unable break the barrier at $0.1; currently trading at $0.0006).
Its market capitalization currently stands at around $141,000 and its trading volume is approximately $16,000 as of this writing.
BNTY is only listed on one exchange. i.e,

Source: CryptoMiso3. Cream CRM
CRM is another troubled cryptocurrency. It is based upon the X11 chained algorithm, which is used to calculate the ‘Proof of Work.
We found these red flags:
CRM’s current market capitalization is only around $39,000 with a 24-hour trading volume that has been very low in the last seven day.
CRM currently has a price of $0.000086. This has been steadily declining since 2018.
According to Cryptomiso this project was last updated April 2018.
Twitter does not have a large following, or strong community as of writing this (around 8K followers).
Source: CoinMarketCapSource: CryptoMiso4. MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC)
MimbleWimbleCoin launched in 2019 with the “mission to match or exceed any other good on the market with respect to the ten primary characteristics of money in order to create a superior quality good.” Good money in the Information Age (1) is easily recognizable, (2) scarce and (3) resistant to censorship, (4) durable and indestructible; (5) extensible, (2006) salable, (2008) fungible, (9) private, and (10) divisible.
We found these red flags:
Twitter is not a very active community (5k followers at the time of writing this)
MWS’s price was volatile but has fallen from $27 to $0.9 over the years.
Its market capitalization is currently around $10 million. However, the daily trading volume has been around a few hundred dollars over the past few months.
MWC is only listed on Tradeogre, which is the only exchange that MWC is listed.
Source: CoinMarketCapSource: CryptoMiso5. Peercoin (PPC)
Peercoin was launched on August 2012 and is based on the Bitcoin framework. It stores value and provides anonymity. It can be sent over internet without any central authority (such a bank). It was the first digital currency that used a hybrid consensus method, which combined proof-of work (PoW) and proof-of stake (PoS).
We found these red flags:
PPC is currently trading at $0.4176 despite volatility.
Its market capitalization currently stands at around $11 million. The daily trading volume is a mere few thousand dollars per day (in the last three months, as of this writing).
Peercoin is yet to make it into mainstream. It currently has 39k followers on Twitter.
Source: CoinMarketCapSource: CryptoMisoDisclaimer: This Is Not A Financial Advise. Please exercise your discretion.
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