The Top 5 Game Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Before 2023

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Brian Bollinger’s Top 5 Game Coins to Invest in Before 2023: Gaming is one the fastest-growing industries and has huge potential in the cryptocurrency market. These gaming tokens suffered a severe blow during the recent downturn and were therefore discounted by large numbers. Here is a list of cryptocurrencies that may prove a suitable entry opportunity before the bull cycle hits.advertisementAxie Infinity(AXS)source-The Axie infinity weekly chart showed a textbook example of V-top reversal from the all-time high of $165.37. This downtrend has sunk the AXS prices by 95.96%. It currently trades at $6.67. This bullish pattern could be interpreted as a gradual loss in bullish momentum, as prices failed to experience a deeper fall in the next bear cycle. Trending StoriesA potential bullish breakout of the pattern’s resistance trendline could signal a sign for price recovery and an opportunity for investors to enter. If the market sentiment improves, an ideal target for this technical setup is $25.Gala(GALA)Source- TradingviewSimilar to the AXS price, the GALA price action shows the formation of a falling wedge pattern in the daily time frame chart. This altcoin has been following this pattern for seven consecutive days and should respect its potential target. The GALA price currently trades in $0.017, 97.85% lower than the all-time high $0.8367. However, amid the ongoing uncertainty in the crypto market, the coin price has shifted sideways and trying to sustain above the pattern’s lower trendline.Furthermore, the relative strength index, which reflects the speed and magnitude of the coin’s recent price action, has drooped to the oversold region. The indicator value of 24% means that the selling activity has exceeded and the coin is trading at an extreme discount. This could indicate that buyers may soon recover from support and lead prices higher. A bullish reversal from this support trendline may encourage buyers to surpass the overhead trendline.Moreover, in ideal conditions, this technical step-up should raise the GALA price to the $0.09 mark.Apecoin(APE)Source- TradingviewThe Apecoin price currently trades at $3.62 and is 90.79% down from the all-time high of $39.40 Over the past seven months, the Apecoin price falling under the influence of a resistance trendline. The trendline has seen prices fall multiple times during this downtrend, which indicates that traders are actively selling on rallies. However, the Apecoin market price has been trading sideways for the past seven days, failing to break the $3.7 resistance. If market sentiment improves, a daily candle closing above $3.7 will accelerate the bullish momentum and surge prices to the overhead trendline.advertisementAnyhow, a bullish breakout from the pattern’s resistance trendline will suggest the prior selling on rallies sentiment has flipped into turn y on dips. The price breakout could lead to the coin reaching $9.16. Share this article on:About the author
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