The NFT Royalty Brings Magic Eden Into Contrast With Metaplex

Metaplex, the creator and maintainer of the NFT standards on the Solana chains, posted on Twitter on December 9 that Magic Eden was leading an “uncoordinated pressure campaign” to get control of the NFT standards on SOL. The NFT royalty war has intensified not only on Ethereum but also on Solana. Metaplex claimed that Magic Eden was leading a “coordinated pressure campaign” to take control of the NFT standard. They also accused Metaplex, which it launched in September, to use its MPLX governance token to control the NFT standards on the Solana chains. Magic Eden also stated that it and other Solana builders had provided feedback to Metaplex about its plans. However, they claimed that Metaplex used its MPLX governance token launched in September to control the NFT standard on the Solana Chain. Magic Eden wants to implement a “zero-royalty” strategy. Magic Eden announced in October that it would not strictly implement the NFT creator royalties setting authority to attract more users, and prevent competitors from quickly taking over market share. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comThanaCoincu NewsTags: #Marketsmagic edenMetaplexNFTSolanasolana nft