The New Look of ZK: zkSync Era: What could be more appealing?

Key Points:ZkSync, the ZK Series L2 expansion solution, has announced the launch version 2.0. Version 1.0 will now be renamed lite.
Unlike the testnet stage which is restricted, the mainnet of zkSync Era will be available to all developers.
If Polygon zkEVM’s release has been a wake-up call, then zkSync 2.0 could be a sign of complete prosperity.
ZK Series L2 expansion solution zkSync announced the launch version 2.0 on February 16. Version 1.0 will now be renamed as lite. Both will coexist for a long period and perform different tasks. English word Era means “era” which means that zkSync is entering a new era in development. This is the first mainnet launch following the four-month testnet phase. This zkSync Era mainnet is open to all developers, unlike the restricted use of its testnet stage. Its Github codebase can be viewed at the moment. It is currently available for review on Github. There will be some restrictions on the amount of funds that can be used in the initial stages of the main network. However, more functions will eventually be available to all users at the end. The standard zkSync block cycle can be broken down into four steps. It takes about 3-5 hours from transaction initiation until final confirmation. This is a significant advantage over Optimistic’s one-week confirmation time. Era will eventually support the following functions:Native support to ECDSA signatures. To use the private key, users do not need to perform additional operations. Any account can use the exact same private key in L2 and L1.
Solidity 0.8.x versions can be used. It is compatible with the Ethereum mainnet development environment.
The Web3 API is almost completely compatible with Ethereum. Most APIs can be reused by developers.
Smart contract messaging between L1 & L2. Developers can seamlessly connect various data information between zkSync and Ethereum by transferring data from Ethereum to it.
The most important is L1 to L2 compatibility. zkSync splits it into L1 to L2 communication as well as L2 to L1 communications to realize two-way communication between the L1 and the L2. This Era update will focus on communication between L1 & L2. It is easy to send a message to zkSync Era from the Ethereum mainnet to call the smart contract because of its compatibility with the mainnet. Era mainly focuses on Gas design and optimization.The current transaction priorities from L1 to L2 are sorted and processed in FIFO (first-in-first-out) mode, but the concept of “priority” will be introduced in the future to support specific sorting of transactions to determine specific priorities to improve network customization and high-frequency usage requirements.Secondly, the function zkPorter is expected to be realized on the main network in the future. It is 20 times more secure than the Ethereum main network and has a lower transaction fee. However, it can support large-scale calls at a fraction of the cost of the Ethereum mainnet. Finally, native cross-chain functionality between specific chains can be realized with zkPorter. The chain bridge transfers assets, messages, but requires third-party tools. This is where the effectiveness and efficiency of zkEVM is highlighted. In the current struggle for the ZK series L2 expansion, zkEVM is inseparable from ecology. ConsenSys’s zkEVM, Polygon’s Scroll, and Scroll are the main competitors. The overt competition for major DeFi project funding has reached fever pitch. Matter Labs, a zkSync developer, raised $200 million in the C round financing. A significant portion of this money will be used for ecological construction and development. The official released the first list of zkSyncEra testnet project deployments in this mainnet update. To avoid any failures in the mainnet launch, only projects that have passed the debugging phase can be launched on the ZkSync Era Mainnet Alpha mainnet. However, Matter Labs will take the following security measures to ensure the safety of the mainnet:zkSync. The security audit of Era is still required. Matter Labs will do its best to ensure that the main network is secure.
Developers can connect the Ethereum standard token to the Era network. Tokens other than ERC-20 can be supported at the moment, but specific information must be submitted to the official.
Developers can take part in bug discovery, function debugging, and bug bounty programs that help the official improve security measures on the Era mainnet.
There are fewer restrictions on commercialization and forks under the MIT/Apache2.0 open source license. Uniswap will no longer be used by zkSync to prevent competitors from creating code forks. This is a reflection of its commitment to open source and the recognition of the importance of ZK technology. It will eventually be possible to write smart contracts using languages such as Rust and C++, thanks to the open-source and universality of LLVM. The Era mainnet can be used by macOS as part of its own development tools. The Era mainnet can store data using Google cloud services.
Key generation and setting can be done in both GPU and non-GPU environments. GPU acceleration will continue to be optimized to allow for future hardware acceleration devices.
Local development can be achieved using the official website development guide. This can achieve an integrated development mode that can run after one instruction and not require excessive debugging of any software or hardware environment.
Developers need to remember that zkSync 2.0 is still using the “off-chain computing, storage, and transaction confirmation” mode. The nodes are still managed by Matter Labs. This means that it is not fully decentralized, but will eventually transition to distributed mode. The release of Polygon ZkEVM was the signal of the new year. ZkSync 2.0 is a preview for comprehensive prosperity. Its strategies for developers and projects also help it build its own ecosystem, and it also has deep technology for future hardware acceleration and inter-chain scalability.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: ConsenSysECDSAEthereumFIFOLayer 2optimisticPolygonScrollZKZksynczkSync Era