The Graph (GRT), AI Tokens Unlocked in Large Volumes; What’s Next?

The Graph GRT Coin: While ChatGPT (Google) and ChatGPT are fighting for the top spot in the AI chatbot space. However, AI tokens dominate the crypto market. After a dramatic increase in prices over the past week, cryptocurrencies that are linked to the AI domain, The Graph and SingularityNET (AGIX), saw some corrections in their prices. The Graph’s founder team or early investors seem to be busy unlocking assets. The big moves in the context of the massive shift in wealth to the AI token categories lead to speculation about more upside.
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The Graph (GRT), Coin Unlock
GRT token rose around 200% in one stage earlier in week due to huge interest in AI-based tokens. The early investors decided to unlock large quantities of their holdings at this point. The project team continued their high-priced GRT transfers and unlocked 36.8M $GRT worth $7.35M. They then sent half of it to Coinbase. Following this, approximately 2.4 million $GRT valued at $443,000 were unlocked. They were then sent to a staking company.

The Graph unlocked 36.8M$GRT ($7.35M), and sent 18M$GRT ($3.6M) back to #Coinbase just 7 hours ago!
Since Dec 15, 2022, graph.eth has been transferring $GRT from #Coinbase at high prices almost every day.
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The price of $GRT increases by ~60% today.
— February 8, 2023, Lookonchain (@lookonchain).
GRT: What’s the Upside?
As well as gaining passive income, increasing the stake in tokens will increase security. Based on market expectations and the battle of chatbots between OpenAI & Google, AI crypto tokens will undoubtedly attract more investor interest.


GRT prices are currently at $0.179 as of writing. This is a drop of 4.34% over the last 24 hours. The rest of the crypto market didn’t react to Jerome Powell, US Fed Chair, comments about the need for higher interest rates in the coming months. The Bitcoin (BTC), price fluctuated in a very limited range within hours of Powell’s speech at The Economic Club in Washington DC.
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