The FBI Takes $260,000 in Crypto From NFT Hacker ZachXBT

Key Points: According to a forfeiture form provided by the FBI on February 4, multiple assets were taken from Chase Senecal.
The crypto sleuth analyzed transactions related to NFT attacks and found that the account used for purchasing the watch was tied to the thefts.
The FBI seized more than $260,000 in cryptocurrencies and NFTs following a tip from ZachXBT, a pseudonymous blockchain sleuth. According to a forfeiture order issued by the FBI on February 4, the FBI also confiscated 86.5678ETH ($116.433) and two NFTs, Bored Ape Yacht Club #9658 (95,495), and Doodle #3114 (9,361). After completing a thorough investigation into Chase Senecal (also known online as HZ), ZachXBT, a self-described cryptocurrency detective, assisted in the seizure. “It’s amazing to know one of their key perpetrators (Chase Senecal), for NFT/cryptophishing assaults has been detected after months and months” wrote ZachXBT, a self-described crypto detective. He had completed an extensive study into Chase Senecal, also known online as HZ. The FBI took note of his observations, confiscated the materials, and did so many weeks later. Senecal then used the stolen money for the purchase of the AP watch. This led to his arrest. Many Discord server hacks are linked with the address HZ paid to purchase the AP watch. Senecal was arrested. The FBI’s announcement provided little information about the event, other than the fact that all the estates were apprehended October 24. It is not known what the full extent of Senecal’s legal cases are. The FBI has not acknowledged ZachXBT’s involvement in the attacks. However, the crypto sleuth claimed in a recent Twitter thread, that his investigation led him to the asset arrest. “As a result of my thread,” he claimed. ZachXBT previously claimed that Senecal was part of a multimillion-dollar crypto operation that infiltrated more than 600 Discord servers and 12 Twitter account accounts. Senecal’s hacking led to the loss of accounts belonging to JRNY Club and animator DeeKay Kwon. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: cryptoFBIHackermarketNFT