The Fascinating Event Polygon “Odyssey”, Now Open. How to Participate?

The launch of the Polygon DeGens project, an Ethereum scaling solution, was announced by Polygon. Participants who complete the task will be eligible to claim the NFT on Galxe. $UNI is the governance token for the protocol. Swap at least two times using the Polygon network of Uniswap. There are a total amount of $20 worth Swap tokens. This data is updated every week. 2. Use the Uniswap App to purchase at least $30 worth cryptocurrency on Polygon. Click here for more information. To verify your purchase, fill out this Google Form with the public address of your wallet. This data is updated every week. Project 2: StargateStargate, a cross-chain DEX built upon LayerZero, has Sequoia Capital and a16z as its investors. STG is the native token for the protocol. Stargate will reissue STG and take a snapshot at the balances of all users on March 15, 2023. The new STG will be distributed to holders of the old token in a 1:1 ratio. MULTI is the governance token for the protocol. Tasks: Multichain 2. Follow Multichain’s official Twitter and join MultiDAODiscordProject 4: Li.FiLi.Fi is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator designed to calculate the best solution for cross-chain Swap. Dragonfly Capital and Coinbase Venture are some of the investors in Li.Fi. The agreement has not yet issued a pass. Li.Fi 2: Bridge USD 20 to Polygon via Transfer Follow Li.Fi on Twitter and join Li.FiDiscord Like the tweetProject 5 O3 SwapO3 swap is a cross-chain, aggregation protocol. Its v2 version allows the aggregation and swapping of DEX on both the target and source chains. The service can be used to swap different digital assets. It can bridge the same tokens on different chains. Investors in O3 Swap include SevenX Ventures and FBG Capital. TASKS: 1. O3Swap allows you to swap tokens of at least $100 to Polygon cross chain tokens. (Do not move cross-chain tokens after the event ends. The address is updated every week. 2. Join the O3 Labs Discord. Follow the O3 Labs Discord 3. To build inter-chain native DSpps, developers can use the Celer interchain messaging framework (SDK). Investors in Celer Network include Pantera Capital and Binance Labs. TASKS: 1. Use cBridge for transferring assets worth at most $200 to Polygon. Follow Celer Network’s official twitter and join CelerDiscord3. Follow the Celer Network’s official Twitter and join CelerDiscord 3. Its v1 version can be found on the Polygon and BSC networks. It supports cryptocurrency futures trading. To enrich product types, the v2 version includes perpetual futures, DAO and NFT futures. The SynFutures version 2 is currently in Alpha testing and supports only the Polygon network. Investors in SynFutures include Dragonfly and Pantera Capital. The agreement has not yet issued a pass. Tasks: Connect the wallet to the SynFutures v2 dApp on Polygon network. Make at least one transaction. Follow SynFutures on Twitter and join the SynFuturesDiscord Register as an NFTures User TweetProject 8: QuickSwapQuickSwap, a fork from Uniswap, runs on the Polygon network. Polygon has lower transaction fees than the Ethereum mainnet. This allows QuickSwap, which facilitates token swaps at a lower price than exchanges like Uniswap v2. $QUICK is the native token of the protocol. Tasks: 1. Quickswap requires that you provide at least $250 in liquidity for the Gamma V3 trading pairs. Quickswap supports at least $250 of liquidity in Gamma V3 trading pairs. It is also a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO), which provides a complete set DeFi tools to assist users in exploring and participating in decentralized financial opportunities. TASKS: 1. You can swap any token on the Polygon network via Genki 2. Follow ApeSwap on TwitterBonus: ApeSwap is giving away $1000 worth BANANAProject 10. Clipper DEXClipper: This DEX is based on Ethereum and provides small traders with the best transaction fees. The protocol has yet to issue tokens but it states that the final protocol governance would be decentralized through governance tokens. Deposit more than $10 in tokens into the Polygon Core Pool. Swap more that $10 in tokens within the pool 2. Clipper DEX’s official twitter account and join Clipper DEX Discord for more information about Clipper Community roles Learn more about Clipper by reading this article Like event tweetsProject11: QiDaoQiDao, an over-collateralized stablecoin protocol that is based on Polygon, is available. Loans are paid out and repaid using MAI, a soft USD pegged stablecoin. Its governance token is QI.Tasks are: 1. On, set up a Vault (Lido Staked Matic/Stader MaticX). As collateral, deposit stMatic and MaticX Borrow at most 200 MAI (0 interest so loans can be kept open without incurring any fees until they are repaid). Wait 48 hours to claim the QiDao Double Century Club FFT achievement on DApp Follow QiDao official twitter 6. Like the event tweetProject12: Timeswap LabsTimeswap Labs is a fixed-income lending platform for ERC-20 tokens that was built on Ethereum. Multicoin Capital and Mechanism Capital are the investors in Timeswap. Time Token, which is the protocol’s governance token, has not yet been issued. Provide at least $100 in liquidity to any active pool of Timeswap 2. Borrow or lend at most $50 from any active pool on Timeswap. Follow Timeswap Labs official Twitter 4. Like Event TweetsProject13: 0VIX Protocol0VIX Protocolis a DeFi lending protocol based on Polygon. Tasks: 1. Any assets worth $100 or more must be submitted to 0VIX 2. Follow 0vixProtocol official Twitter to join 0VIXDiscord3. Like the event tweetProject14: AtlendisAtlendis, a non-custodial, decentralized DeFi lending arrangement, is owned by ParaFi Capital, DCG and ParaFi Capital. The agreement has not yet issued a pass. Deposit at least $10 in the Atlendis pool (Atlendis protocol lending tutorial) 2. Follow Atlendis Labs & Atlendis InternTwitter Join AtlendisDiscord to be a Lendie. Tweet the event and let others know how excited you are. Use hashtags #AtlendisLabs#Polygon #GalxeProject 15. Gains NetworkGains Network, a DeFi ecosystem on Polygon. gTrade is the first product of the protocol. It’s a cryptocurrency derivatives platform that allows leveraged trading based upon real-world stock price data. GNS is the utility token of this ecosystem.Tasks are: 1. Allow 1CT (One Click Trading) wallet on the gTrade platform and deposit a certain amount MATIC 2. Open a transaction via gTrade. Share the position to Twitter. Deposit a certain amount DAI into the VaultProject 16: gDAI DaoPWN: This peer-to-peer lending protocol is built on Ethereum and Polygon. Offer to finance any existing loan request for PWN via the Polygon Network with a minimum of $50 and terms that you set (interest, tokens, term, due date). 2. Follow PWN DAO’s official TwitterProject 17: PoolTogetherPoolTogether is a DeFi reward savings protocol that allows users to deposit USDC and participate in daily sweepstakes to get bonuses. Its investors include Dragonfly, ParaFi Capital, Huobi Global, etc. Dragonfly, ParaFi Capital, Huobi Global, etc. are its investors. Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures and Animoca Brands are some of the investors in Stader. Jump Capital is another investor. You will need to invest at least 200 MATIC for one week 2. For one week, you must stake at least 200 MATIC Follow Stader Polygon on TwitterProject 19 ClayStackClayStack provides liquidity staking tokens (csTokens), for PoS chains. Tasks: 1. ClayStake 2.: 10 MATICs. Deposit at least 5 MATICs, 5 csMATICs, and 5 csMATICs into the Balancer pool ClayStack official Twitter account, ClayStackTelegram group, and ClayStackDiscord to obtain the Galxe Novice position Like and retweet ClayStack MATIC V2 tweetProject 20 – InsurAceInsurAceis a decentralized insurance protocol that provides reliable and safe risk protection services to DeFi users. ParaFi Capital and Huobi Capital are some of InsurAce’s investors. INSUR is the protocol’s native token. InsurAce offers Smart Contract Cover and Stablecoin Depeg Cover products. Follow InsurAce on Twitter Cite a tweet from InsurAce, mention at least one friend and add #SecureYourDeFi hashtagProject21: TetuTetu a Polygon-based Web3 asset manager protocol. TETU is the native token of the protocol. Deposit funds into Tetu Vault to earn yield Create a veTetu 80/20 BPT on TetuProject 22: GoodGhostingGoodGhosting is a decentralized savings platform whose first product is a social savings game that uses blockchain technology to reward users for reaching savings goals. The token has not yet been issued by the protocol. GoodGhosting v2 offers 4 types of savings pools, each corresponding to 4 game types: fixed savings, flexible savings and flexible savings. Deposit at least $10 to the “Polygon Quest” savings challenge on GoodGhosting before March 25, 20232. Follow the GoodGhosting official TwitterNOTE: The first deposit must be at least $10 in WETH or 10 $DAI. It must be made during GoodGhosting’s upcoming “Polygon Quest” savings challenge. You will receive your full deposit back after the challenge is over. Additional rewards: GoodGhosting will give $5,000 worth of DAI to all users who complete the Savings Challenge. The protocol’s savings pool smart contracts will automatically distribute the funds to users who withdraw again. Blockchain Capital, ParaFi Capital and Framework are some of the investors in Teller. TASKS: 1. Apply for a minimum 7 day USDC loan on Teller Personal Loan Pool on the Polygon network – $50 (0 interest rate). Collateral requirements for loans are 150% LTV and a Cred Score below 800.
100% LTV, Cred Score Over 800
2. With a minimum term of 7 days, provide at least $100 USDC to the Teller Personal loan pool on the Polygon network. 3. Follow Teller Protocol’s official twitter and join TellerDiscord for the Alpha Tester role. LIKE the event tweetDISCLAIMER : The information on this website is intended to provide general market commentary but does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: Celer NetworkDeFiGalxemultichainOdysseyPolygonPolygon DeGens eventstargateUniswap