The Crypto Market – 11 Anti-Phishing Attack Plug-Ins

Key Points: Here are 11 popular anti-phishing plugins.
Phishing attacks against the blockchain industry are mostly distributed in two points: signatures and domain names – fake domain name.
Azuki’s Twitter account was hacked on January 28. His followers were able to connect to phishing sites. Over 122 NFTs were stolen and the loss was more than $780,000. Kevin Rose, founder of NFT project Moonbirds was robbed of his wallet on January 26. The theft of 40 NFTs was more than US$2,000,000. Assets licensed by OpenSea @NFT_GOD clicked a phishing link on Google on January 15th. This resulted in the theft all accounts (substack Twitter, etc.). ), cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. Why are project founders and ordinary users repeatedly targeted by phishing attacks and hacked accounts? What anti-phishing browser plugins are available? This article makes an inventory of 11 anti-phishing attack plugins.Mainstream plugins (over 10,000 installs)PeckShieldAlert: 50k+ installation times, Chinese and English interface. PeckShield team product.
The website shows that there are 1,286,478 malicious addresses and 90,931 phishing websites. It is continuously being updated. Currently, only two chains are supported, ETH or BSC. The website also shows that there are 90,931 phishing websites and that there are 1,286,478 malicious addresses. Claims to be in cooperation with Metamask or Coinbase wallets.
You will find the following features: detect malicious Seaport transactions, Honeypot NFTs and phishing websites. All EVM-based chains such as Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche are supported in browsers like Firefox.
You will be notified if transactions are made on non-whitelisted NFT trading sites or phishing websites. Authorization can be revoked.Fire 10k+ installations, suitable to Ethereum mainnet and Polygon. Compatible with MetaMask wallets and Coinbase wallets. Works with any Ethereum wallet.
It works by simulating the ERC-20 and ERC-721 transactions affected by users.Wallet Guard: 6k+ installation, incubated at Binance Labs.
Features: Block access from recently created or low-trust websites; automatically disable malicious extensions; monitor and block access for phishing sites.
Function: Supports only BTC, ETH and BSC. You can monitor the risk of NFT collection and view the flow of funds at the address.
Function: AI algorithm simulation transaction, address scoringMetashield : There are 864 installations, the code is open-source, and this was the first BuidlerDAO project.
Working principle: identify, approve, and send transactions. Use black and white lists to check the status of authorized addresses. This will help users block phishing sites and warn them. There is no need to connect wallet.
It works like this: Stelo wraps the Metamask window.ethereum Javascript object Metamask injects into a page. Stelo will approve the transaction and resume the Metamask request. If the user rejects it it will cancel the request. The code is open-source.
Included functions: Detector API (monitoring suspicious behavior such as requesting authorization and transferring user assets), simulated transactions etc.
SlowMist founder Inventory summaryCosine stated that he has concentrated on Scam Sniffer and as well as Pocket Universe, Wallet Guard and Fire. It is not as popular as MetaMask 10M+ or Phantom 2M+ in terms of number of installations. It is also very small in comparison to MetaMask 10M+ and Phantom 2M+ in terms of the number of installations. The relevant browsers and plug-ins can prompt the risk by opening a phishing webpage. This prevents any subsequent steps of fraudulent signatures, which can make it difficult to block the risk. There is always a time delay between virus detection (a professional technology to prevent anti-virus software detection, killing, and identifying the virus) and prevention. How to reduce the time it takes to detect and prevent viruses, increase the number of samples, and make identifications more precise is how anti-virus software degrees of power. You can Google it yourself. Although MetaMask has a market share currently at 80%, it is difficult to analyze the data. All products, articles, reminders, and reminders are secondary. Only by being aware of your security, you can ensure that you are able to stand in a place where you don’t lose coins or NFTs. Personal safety awareness is key. @tmel0211 opinion. The technical logic behind self-custodial wallets like MetaMask allows users to safely keep their local private keys, process transaction signatures, provide gateways for connecting to major blockchain networks, and facilitate smart contract interactions, such as DeFi. It is theoretically possible to embed any plug in service that optimizes the user experience without affecting wallet transfer interaction. Anti-phishing address screening can only be regarded as one of the rigid requirements.However, the functions of the current mainstream wallet products are very simple, and they are very restrained in service optimization. These are the reasons:Mobile terminal interaction must be more concise than browser plug ins because of the client information payload.
Decentralized consensus, phishing sites, blacklist libraries, and other issues can affect them. need central operation and maintenance support to generate consensus
The tendency to commercialization has affected the service mezzanine. Although it can optimize the experience, commercialization is difficult.
Currently, most of the major browser security plugins on the market are provided by third-party security companies. The experience is good but not enough. They all dream of becoming 360 security guards protecting web3 but the road is long. The plug-in that provides plugin services has potential security risks and trust consensus will take time to build.
Active users who trade in the Mint NFT or DEX environment have low security awareness. User habits must be improved.
The maintenance and operation challenges of phishing website updates and blacklist address databases are immense.
Our opinion is that the wallet narrative should be vertically segmented. Minimalist wallet for geeks;
Secure interactive anti-phishing wallet designed for beginners
Institutional wallet that can be customized
MPC wallet
Smart contract wallet, etc.
This does not mean that they will be competing with security plugin service providers. They complement each other at this stage. We believe that a great browser security plugin will eventually become a standard configuration such as a wallet. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Anti-Phishing AttackBlockemcryptofireMetaDockMetaShieldPeckShieldAlertPluginsPocket UniverseRevoke.cashScam SnifferWallet Guard