The Ancient Bitcoin Whale Moves More Than 400 BTC and Takes 180% Profit

Key Points: Ancient Bitcoin Whale sent 412 Bitcoin worth over $9.5 million, making an 181,204% profit.
Satoshi Nakamoto was last seen online on December 10, 2010, on the Bitcoin Talk forum. He is believed to be the owner hundreds of thousands of BTC.
A prominent blockchain data monitoring site reports that a Bitcoin address that has been dormant since October 2012 is now suddenly waking up. According to BitInfoCharts, the Bitcoin price was $12.50 when the wallet was created on October 1, 2012. BTC traded at $22,600 at the time of this report and was making 181,204% profit. Five addresses were transferred Bitcoin by the long-inactive account. Two received more than 177 BTC per person, two received 28.84 BTC each, one received 0.12 BTC, and two received over 177 BTC. The total cost of the five multimillion-dollar transactions was $2.84. Prior to this activity, the Bitcoin address had only had four transactions. Two of them received over 177 BTC each, while two more received 28.84 BTC each. One received 0.12 BTC. Recent dusting attacks might have led to the delivery of small amounts of Bitcoin to the address. This website provides general market commentary. It does not contain investment advice. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Bitcoin analysis#Satoshi Nakamotobitcoinbitcoin price analysisBitcoin whaleBitcoinsSatoshi Nakamoto