Stride Launches New stEVMOS Offerings Based on Cosmos LSD

Key Points:Stride has announced the launch its latest liquid staking derivative, StEVMOS.
Stride now allows users to stake EVMOS to earn stEVMOS and DeFi yields.
Osmosis has launched a stEVMOS/EVMOS pool, offering STRD incentives.
Stride, a liquid-staking protocol that is based in Cosmos has released stEVMOS. Users can now stake EVMOS on Stride and earn stEVMOS. It allows token owners to access their assets while still reaping the benefits of token staking. They agree to staking their tokens for a time and lock up their assets. This could prevent token holders from participating in routine staking. Networks may be able to benefit from the security and reliability that comes with staked tokens via liquid staking. Token owners can also benefit from the reliability and security that comes with staked tokens through liquid staking. There may be additional uses for stEVMOS in the future, such as to secure DeFi lending. Stride is a multichain liquid staking applicationchain on Cosmos. When it launched on the mainnet in September, it introduced stATOM, its first liquid staking derivative. Since then, Stride has added five other chains, including the latest addition Evmos. Stride launched stLUNA last week, their first LSD in 2023. Stride has unlocked more than $10 million as of this writing. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: CosmosDeFiEvmosLSDstEVMOSStride