Some of the Best SocialFi Projects in 2022

SocialFi, an innovative ecosystem that combines social media power with blockchain decentralized finance technology is easy to integrate into other platforms such as GameFi and NFTs. This allows for the potential demand to be as high as the ecosystem coins. Let’s look at 5 Companies Using Blockchain for TravelLuxWorld — The Web3 Lifestyle AppLuxworld – This promising project is also the innovation behind this trend. Travelers can earn money by sharing their experiences and joining communities around the world. LuxWorld allows travelers to experience the real world. SocialFi is a key element of LuxWorld. It connects people in the virtual community. This is how people can discover the world and make money while also contributing to social development. LuxWorld Token (LUX), which is built on Ethereum, is the native token for the meteverse.Thinkin – Web3 community-based Social-Fi Platform based Thinkin. It uses the Algorand Blockchain to empower its ecosystem. Torum – A revolutionary SocialFi Metaverse social media platform Torum connects worldwide cryptocurrency users. Torum, a Web 3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform that integrates with a yield-farming hub for Defi players. It also serves as a NFT marketplace for crypto artists, and Avatar NFT to Metaverse enthusiasts. Torum, a crypto-based social media platform, rewards its users with its native token, $XTM.ComingChat – SocialFi-based Web3 portal applicationComingChat is the mobile portal for OmniBTC, an omnichain financial platform with the following two core functions.In the ComingChat ‘OmniSwap’ interface, users can swap native assets on two chains with one click, without using a cross-chain bridge. ComingChat’s ‘OmniLending interface allows users to mortgage multiple assets and borrow multiple stablecoins from any chain with one click. It solves three main problems: people, money and connections. It also provides the foundation for DeFi and GameFi. PECland – A web3 platform to allow people to play social games. The web3 virtual WorldCup is available in PECland for both PC and Mob. Imagine that you share the same joy and can roam the game with your own NFT roles immersive. You can host concerts, meetings, and weddings. Taki – A token-powered social network. Anyone can earn social crypto-tokens by simply participating in the community. By engaging and creating content, users can earn $TAKI (the basic social crypto token) on the Taki App. $TAKI can be used to purchase User Coins, which represent the influence and value creators bring to Taki. You can then use $TAKI and User coins to reward others, grow you audience, and share in the ownership and success of Taki. SaTT is a simple and user-friendly platform that aims to eliminate intermediaries and create direct relationships between brands, communities and all social media users. Already, it presents a massive opportunity and has already spawned a lot of infra companies.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comEliseCoinCu NewsContentsTags: BlockchainNFTSocialFiWeb3