Solvo’s Crypto App Will Make NFTs with Generative AI; Here’s how

Solvo, a European cryptocurrency startup, has officially launched the Solvo app. Its goal is to make crypto-curiosity a crypto-capability. This app brings the best of crypto to everyone. It works by providing a simple, transparent, user-friendly way to get started. It also allows users to purchase simple financial services and gain a better understanding about cryptocurrencies.
According to a survey by 451 Research, a technology research company within S&P Global Market Intelligence, 2022 was a good year for cryptocurrency trading. They found that 32% of those who have not traded cryptocurrency cited a lack of understanding of blockchain as the reason. 26% of non-users also cited cryptocurrency’s “too difficult to buy” as a barrier to trading. Solvo eliminates the complicated and intimidating processes that other crypto platforms have. Solvo offers clear, focused products and can manage the many options that novice investors must navigate.


Main Products Offered by the app
The app offers three main products. It manages the plethora options novice investors must navigate.
1. Bundles: A collection of tokens that are specific to a particular sector. Users don’t have to choose from thousands of tokens and projects. Based on their preferences, users can invest in blue-chip crypto projects or DeFi.

2. Vaults: Users can earn a yield depending on their risk tolerance. Users only need to make a FIAT withdrawal and select the token they wish to earn. Solvo will take care the rest.
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3. NFTs: Users can create their own NFTs using a generative AI. Uploading or taking a photograph can be used to create their own NFTs. You can also type in a prompt to describe the image you want.
Users can generate NFTs using AI


Solvo is a cryptocurrency that makes it easier to create, own, and mint NFTs. It is part of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem and serves as a gateway for digital tokens for anyone who is interested. It is possible to create an AI-generated NFT on the Optimism Blockchain for nothing. This NFT can be used to deposit and withdraw funds, as well as other NFTs in future releases.
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