Solana Price to Take a Hit? Whales make big movements

Solana News: Solana’s (SOL) price has managed to reverse the decline after it was subject to heavy dumping at December’s end. Solana’s market price was trading in the single digits at that time. SOL has experienced a huge surge in value since then. The price of SOL has risen by 76% in the past 60 days. It seems like crypto whales have other plans.
Solana Price To Drop Ahead?
WhaleAlert data shows that crypto whales have been caught transacting on major exchanges. In the last 24 hours, whales have moved over 15 million SOL tokens (approx. $328 million)


Whales moved 14.4 million Solana tokens, which is approximately $310 million, to Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports multiple transactions. The tracker’s single largest transaction was on the move of 2.07 million SOL (approx. $44.7 million).
The whale then moved another 2.04 million SOL (approx. $44.03 million) into the same exchange. The tracker also reported three transactions involving 1.81 million Solana (approx. $117.5 million each). You can read more Crypto News here…

On the basis of Year To date (YTD), Solana prices have seen a rise of 117%. Whales have moved $310 million worth Solana tokens from Solana to a crypto exchange, suggesting that there will be a Solana price decline. SOL has seen a drop of 6% in its red indexes in the past 30 days.
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More Whales Add SOL?


According to the whale tracker, an unknown address had accumulated approximately 922K Solana (approx. worth $20.2 million) during the recent price rise. The market has seen Solana prices rise by 3% in the past 24 hours. At press time, SOL trades at an average price $21.58
Its 24 hour trading volume rose by 42% to $826 million. It still has a market capitalization of $8.1 billion.

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