SOL vs. ETH: Which Will Make You Rich Over The Long-Term?

It was called “Ethereum Killer” in the early days of Solana. But, a lot has changed since then. The battle for supremacy continues.
Which of these cryptocurrencies is the best for long-term investing? Let’s get started.
Ethereum (ETH).
Ethereum is undergoing a series upgrades to make it more secure, scalable and sustainable. The Ethereum upgrade roadmap includes five stages: the Merge (the Surge), the Scourge (the Scourge), the Verge (the Purge), and the Splurge. As the Ethereum ecosystem matures, ETH will be a fundamentally solid token that powers a variety of crypto projects.
Although crypto winter and the FTX Almeda crisis have significantly reduced the price of ETH’s, the future outlook for the cryptocurrency is brighter. Based on the available data and the AI price forecast, ETH’s price could rise by +117.93% over the next five years. According to Wallet Investor’s AI analyst ETH has a positive outlook and there will be a positive trend going forward. It is very likely that you will make money if you hold ETH for the long-term.

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Solana (SOL)
Solana is currently in difficult times. Due to its ties to now bankrupt FTX Almeda Research, SOL’s prices have been hard hit.
According to reports, Alameda holds over 50.5 million SOL of the Foundation and 7.56 millions SOL from Solana Labs. Solana Labs represents the founders and core contributors of the Solana network. A large amount of that SOL is locked in monthly unlock schedules, which will be unlocked in 2028 and in 2025, respectively.
But no one knows what the future holds. Alameda has the option to dump millions of solana tokens in times of crisis. This will increase public discontent around the token, and could lead to a crash of the price for SOL.
SOL is a high-risk asset that you should not invest in until all uncertainties are resolved. According to Wallet Investor’s AI analyst SOL has a negative outlook and you should avoid investing in it.

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