Signature Bank Appoints Eric Howell as New CEO in Leadership Transition Plans

Key Points:As of March 1, Chief Operating Officer Eric Howell will succeed Joe DePaolo as president of the cryptocurrency-friendly Signature Bank.
After DePaolo’s move to an advisory role, the bank said that Howell would be appointed as CEO. DePaolo will continue to serve as the CEO and board member until then.
Signature Bank’s management will undergo a restructuring. Joseph DePaolo, the co-founder, will step down as CEO and president. DePaolo will continue to serve as CEO and board member. The transitional phase’s duration is unknown at this time.
“This succession plan is part of a long-standing board of directors commitment to ensure Signature Bank continues to thrive and distinguish without interruption,” stated the company.
Signature Bank was founded by DePaolo and his coworkers, Vice Chairman John Tamberlane (and Chairman of the Board Scott Shay) in 2001. DePaolo served as president and chief operating officer since 2001.
“I have carefully planned my transition and continued involvement in the Bank. Eric has been a friend for more than 20 years. DePaolo stated that the transition was years in the making and that he is confident that it will go smoothly because Eric has the future of the Bank in his good hands.
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