SignalPlus Expands Offerings through Deribit Integration

Key Points:Deribit encrypted currencies derivatives transactions have been integrated to SignalPlus, an encrypted option trading platform.
Users can trade encrypted currency derivatives directly on the platform.
SignalPlus can be used by Deribit users to connect to their Deribit API for transactions. Early funders will receive limited edition NFTs.
SignalPlus, an encrypted trading platform for asset options, announced the integration Deribit encrypted currency derivatives transactions. SignalPlus, an encrypted asset options trading platform, announced the integration of Deribit encrypted currency derivatives transactions. The trading platform embedded toolbox gives users unrestricted access and flexibility to a variety of advanced modules, including dynamic delta hedging, smart execution methods, and a risk management system.
“We are proud to expand our offerings and incorporate Deribit, a leading digital derivatives exchange with advanced technologies and a highly professional staff. They have a reputation for excellent liquidity and depth in the industry. We believe we can use SignalPlus’s efficient trading tools to jointly drive growth in crypto options. We are thrilled about this integration and anticipate exponential growth in usage in this industry over the next few years.”
Existing Deribit users will be able to create a SignalPlus account via They can then connect it to their Deribit API. New users can also sign up through the trading platform dashboard. Finally, SignalPlus will send special NFTs to its early supporters. Users who sign up for the trading platform and bind their Deribit API keys will receive a commemorative NFT. They can also complete the signup form via @SignalPlus Web3 and complete their first transaction within this promotion period. The details of the NFTs’ additional perks and rewards are being developed and will be announced soon. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: APIderibitNFTSignalPlusSignalPlus Web3