Shopify, the E-commerce Giant, Supported Avalanche Direct Selling And NFT Minting

Key Points: Shopify supported Avalanche NFT mining and selling directly through their online store.
This feature was created in partnership with Venly, a blockchain technology startup.
Avalanche wallets are not required by buyers. Instead, buyers can pay directly with credit cards.
Avalanche announced that Shopify supports Avalanche NFT selling and minting directly from their online store. Shopify claims that it is an e-commerce platform that powers millions of sellers online. With the continuous growth of ecommerce, merchants are looking for more innovative ways to stay ahead of their competition.Merchants can now mint and list NFTs through their existing storefronts through one of Shopify’s blockchain apps. Venly, a blockchain technology startup, developed the feature. Venly has made it possible to mint these NFTs on Avalanche. Venly is a layer one blockchain platform that is faster and more affordable than Ethereum. It was established in 2018 and provides blockchain wallet solutions. This partnership eliminates the need to direct customers towards NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden. They can instead mint and list NFTs from their existing shopfront using one of Shopify’s blockchain apps. They can instead pay with fiat money, such as with a credit or debit card, and get a link to an Avalanche wallet with newly minted NFT inside.
“Our growing blockchain ecosystem demonstrates that we are committed to supporting merchants as these sell NFTs directly via their storefronts. This helps to grow participation in Web3 and expand the possibilities in commerce.”
Christina Lomazzo, Shopify’s blockchain ecosystem leader, said. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comFoxyCoincu NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketsAvalancheavalanche NFTBlockchaincryptoNFTShopifyVenly