See How I Did It

YouTube Video VVVMNGtuVHFwRjVLVGNKckFkZXRoZ05RLmk3VEFQdTN3Yjkw I Beat EllioTrades At His Own Game See How I Did It 23 9 Imposters is a fun take on the Among Us game being developed by my buddy EllioTrades. I was assigned a mission to defeat EllioTrades at his own game. ?00;00;00 Intro 00;00;22 Impostors 00;01;13 Dead Body 00;01;38 Killer Stache 00;02;45 Wrong Place 00;04;30 Usual Suspect 00;05;30 BreakdownJOIN MY CHANNEL FOR AGENT-ONLY PERKS: WITH ME IN DISCORD: ME ON SOCIAL: #Gameplay #NFT #beta #superfarm