SBF Jail: Is FTX founder Trying to Escape Arrest With Virtual Evidence?

Sam Bankman-Fried is the founder and former CEO at FTX. He will testify before a House committee in the United States Tuesday as regulators examine his role in the failure of the crypto exchange. SBF clarified that he would be speaking via video and not in person during a Twitter discussion. Many are now speculating on whether SBF is afraid of being arrested if he enters the United States.
SBF To Testify on Video
In a statement, the House Committee panel stated that it would hear from John J. Ray III, newly appointed CEO of FTX, as well as Bankman-Fried on Monday. Friday night was late for the release of the statement.


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SBF confirmed his attendance over a video conference when he was asked about Friday’s testimony to Congress. SBF cited security, paparazzi, and time-saving reasons when another participant asked him about his inability to appear in person for the Congressional hearing.
Can SBF be jailed?
However, some former U.S. officials and top attorneys believe it’s for another reason. Braden Perry, a former senior U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission trial attorney, believes that SBF’s attempt to video call is a clever way to avoid being taken into custody.
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Michael Zweiback, a prominent Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, agreed with Braden’s views. He said that:


The truth is that the Southern District of [New York] could make an arrest based on probable cause based on a complaint and then pursue a grand jury indictment.
“SBF is ofcourse and should be concerned about the possibility of being taken into custody at anytime,” said Mark Kornfeld, a Pennsylvania-based lawyer from Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney.
SBF Responds to Jail Fears
SBF abruptly responded to a question from the audience about whether he was afraid of jail while flying to the U.S.A. from his Bahamas residence.
Sam Bankman-Fried was also requested to attend the Senate hearing, which could take place later in the month. SBF was casual in his tone when asked about his views and he stumbled to answer:
I… I.. (five time) I’m not currently scheduled to do this, but I’m open to having a conversation if it’s important.
SBF also confirmed that he played video games during the 2-hour-long Twitter space call.

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