RTFKT COO Robbed NFT Collection Worth More Than $170,000

Key Points: Nikhil Gopalani, RTFKT COO, lost almost all his NFTs when he fell for a phishing scam. Gopalani called the assailant an intelligent phisher and claimed that he was selling his NFTs.
OpenSea activity shows that the phisher used two wallets to steal NFTs out of Gopalani’s wallet. The wallet was worth more than $170,000 at floor price, including double-digit amounts of CloneX and RTFKT, Loot Pods and Crypto Kicks NFTs.
RTFKT’s CTO stated that they would not be able discuss details of the loss until further notice because of regulatory constraints.
Nikhil Gopalani (the COO of RTFKT, a cryptocurrency company owned by Nike), announced via Twitter that his NFT collection was stolen as a result a phishing scam. He called the assailant a smart phisher, and claimed that he was selling Clone X NFTs. He wrote a tweet to the Clone X community: The probable phisher may’ve used two wallets according to OpenSea activity to empty Gopalani’s wallet of NFTs. This includes double-digit amounts of CloneX and RTFKT, Loot Pods and Crypto Kicks NFTs that are valued at more $170,000 at floor pricing. According to Samuel Cardillo (RTFKT Chief Technology Officer), Gopalani may have given access code to some scammers after many withdrawals. However, the phishing technique is not yet made public. He responded to the loss by citing legal constraints and saying that the brand will not be able to discuss further details until further notice.RTFKT, a virtual sneakers company owned Nike, is one of the reasons. The company released the first Web3-branded physical sneaker, “Cryptokicks.iRL” in December. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: Clone X NFTCrypto KicksLoot PodsNFTNikeNikhil GopalaniRTFKT