Rihanna Releases Her Hit Song BBHMM as An NFT

NFT News: Rihanna’s three Platinum-certified tracks “B*TCH Better have My Money” are coming to the music NFT platform in a new block. Deputy, the song’s co-producer is releasing BBHMM to NFT that will give fans a cut from his streaming royalties. The limited-edition Rihanna NFTs are set to be revealed on Thursday. The collection includes 300 NFTs. Each one costs 0.145 ETH or approximately $210.

We have less than 47 hours before we drop RIHANNA – B*TCH BETTER HAVE MY MONIES – and the raffles are now closed!


if you’ve won a spot or hold any NFT from our previous collections you can check whether you are on the allowlist on the minting page:
— anotherblock (@anotherblock_io February 7, 2023

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NFT holders have access 0.0033% to the song’s streaming royalties. This provides streaming fans with a better service. According to Deputy, “a fan develops a special attachment to an artist and a song.” The way you feel about a song can be completely changed by owning a piece. It creates a whole new world of connectivity, beyond streaming or attending concerts.
Rolling Stone ranked “B**ch better have my money” 45 on its year-end list. The song was written by Rihanna, Bibi Bourelly (Deputy), Kanye West’s co-producer, and additional producers Travis Scott, WondaGurl.
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Rihanna will perform in Glendale, IL at State Farm Stadium on February 12th.
Michel D. Traore is the CEO of another block. He said that they are excited to use their drops to help more fans connect with ground-breaking songs such as “BBHMM” and show their support for them in new ways.


The NFT drop is notable because Rihanna will be the headlining act at the halftime show on February 12, at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. The performer will be on stage during the halftime of Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles game against Kansas City Chiefs.
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