Render Network will regularly unlock 12.6M RNDR in the first half of this year

Key Points: The Render Network Foundation announced the distribution of and unlocking the RNDR token.
In the first six months 2023, around 12.6 million must still be unlocked frequently.
Render Network announced on January 20th the creation of Render Network Foundation, a non-profit organization.
According to the official blog, Render Network Foundation announced that the RNDR token will be distributed and unlocked. The distribution plan includes 42 million tokens. 12.6 million RNDR tokens will be unlocked in the first six months in 2023. About 42 million tokens are still being stored for distribution. The 107M “By Partners” project note is completely separate from the Foundation’s proposed 107M emissions schedule. This confusion is due to the similarity of the balances, but it is only that moment and not random. Around 12.6 million RNDRs will still need unlocked in the first six months 2023. After that, 15.1 million will be awarded regularly. The remaining 14.3 million will be opened, escrowed and may be distributed to those entitled to distribution Redemption. The Render Network core codebase has been handed over to the Foundation.
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