Project Sharing: Top 10 Potential Projects Coming Soon

In bear markets, projects can often see a 100-fold increase in value. Coincu will present to you the top 10 projects we are most excited about today. Many of these projects have not yet begun. Coincu hopes it can help you understand and plan in advance!GammaSwapGammaSwap is a decentralized volatility trading platform that does not require an oracle machine. You can shorten the Gamma value by borrowing LP tokens. This allows you to turn LP’s impermanent lose into your impermanent gain. GammaSwap allows consumers to buy long straddles and subject themselves to payment functions similar to call or put option payoff functions. CFMMs will continue to receive liquidity from liquidity providers in the same way they do now, with the exception of GammaSwap. In other words, LPs will exchange tokens for GammaSwap. GammaSwap will deposit the tokens into a CFMM (such Uniswap or Pancakeswap). Smilee may also immediately access a variety of assets and a lot of liquidity by using DEXs. Smilee can also immediately access a wide range of assets and a lot liquidity through DEXs. This solves the liquidity problem with options AMMs, and other on-chain volatility products. Smilee may also be used to access a variety of assets and a lot of liquidity by using DEXs. This will solve the liquidity problem with options AMMs and other on-chain volatility products. This provides an incentive for fellow Matadors to hodl ROD as they can put their ROD tokens to work.Rodeo has up to 10x leverage and functional integrations with a large number of partners.Coming soon on Arbitrum, get involved now and possibly get access to alpha testing.PanopticPanoptic is a perpetual option trading protocol on the Ethereum blockchain based on the Uniswap v3 pool. Panoptic was founded by Guillaume Lambert (a Cornell University professor of applied Physics) and Kristensen (an ex-head of research at Advanced Blockchain AG). Panoptic is a decentralized spot trading platform that Uniswap used to do. Join their trading competition to win 500,000 rLEX Rewards. Rage Trade is a double-legged trading platform on the Ethereum mainnet. Rage’s unique feature allows its users to reuse the liquidity they have used on other protocols. The perpetual swapping product was deployed on Ethereum, while the USDC yield-farming product was deployed on Arbitrum.Rage Trade is developing two different products:Decentralized leveraged trading
USDC income machine gun pool (Delta neutral)
Both products will run on Arbitrum. However, there are not yet any tokens. There are no tokens yet, but some interactions can be made to win future airdrops. Keep the security intact and eliminate the high gas costs. Lending & Borrowing can be confusing and complex. Tapioca aims to simplify the user experience by using a Web3 UI while still retaining next-gen features. Tapioca’s revolutionary platform is governed by YOU. Tapioca’s revolutionary platform will be governed by YOU. It can provide smart investors with tools to demonstrate their capabilities and at the same time, develop some financial tools, such as asset management index, income machine gun pool, and derivatives.The project just completed its IDO on Arbitrum’s eco-native exchange Camelot on January 20.LayerZeroLayerZero is an omnichain, cross-chain protocol capable of helping decentralized applications to interact and merge on different blockchains (Omnichain dApps – OdApps). LayerZero’s approach to interoperability makes it easier to pass messages between threads. It doesn’t need to keep every block header in order because it uses decentralized Oracles to broadcast them as needed. Layer Zero has a large ecosystem and many projects have used their technology. You should hurry to try it out, as there may be future airdrops.Eigen LayerEigen Layer provides security guarantees for other decentralized apps by repledging Ethereum. It allows users to restake their Ethereum and extend cryptoeconomic protection to additional applications on the network. There are risks in the currency circle, so investors need to be cautious. There are risks associated with the currency circle. Investors should be cautious. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: cryptoEigen LayerFactor DAOGammaSwapLayerZeroLexer MarketsPanopticRage TradeRodeo FinanceSmilee FinanceTapioca DAOTop 10 Potential Projects