Polygon zkEVM: Whales Juggling Polygon (MATIC) Ahead Of zkEVM Launch

The Polygon (MATICIC) price is rising ahead of the launch its highly anticipated zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual machine (zkEVM). Over the past 30 days, Polygon prices have risen by a staggering 65%. The data shows that crypto whales are on a massive accumulation spree and eagerly awaiting the rollout.
Trending among whales: Polygon tops
According to On-Chain data, crypto Whales were caught moving millions upon millions of Polygon (MATIC), across the exchanges. Whales were able to move approximately 19 million MATIC (approx. $28.3 Million) in multiple transactions over the past 24 hour.


The tracker only recorded one large transaction, which was the movement of approximately 4.76 million MATIC (approx. $6.82 million). The transaction was made from Binance to Bitfinex.
Whale data shows that Polygon (MATIC), which is the top 100 Ethereum (ETH), whales have traded, is the most prominent. MATIC is the top 10 tokens that whales have purchased in the last 24 hours. It is also the most frequently used smart contract among the same whales. Read More Polygon (MATIC), News Here…

Beorn on Buying Spree
WhaleStats reported that Beorn, an ETH whale tagged as Beorn, bought approximately 7 million MATIC (approx. $10.2 million) in multiple transactions. The whale nevertheless managed to acquire 4 million MATIC (approx $6 million) in one scoop.
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Falconx, an address, moved $6.4 million of 4.37 million Polygon in one transaction. A whale was caught transferring 4.379 MATIC from his wallet to Polygon.
The market price of Polygon has risen by more than 5% in the past 24 hours. MATIC trades at an average price $1.53 at press time. Its 24-hour trading volume has risen to $1.15 billion.

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Polygon zkEVM: Whales Juggling Polygon (MATIC) Ahead Of zkEVM Launch
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