Polygon To Launch Mainnet Beta For zkEVM Layer 2 Next Month

Key Points:Polygon will launch zkEVM on March 27, a brand new Layer 2 scaling solution. This will be in a mainnet phase.
Polygon did not specify what would be included in its beta network, although the company will share additional information in the weeks leading up to March.
Apps made for Ethereum will work with Polygon’s ZkEVM network without any modifications by developers.
On March 27, the main network for Polygon’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine beta (zkEVM), went online. Polygon’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) beta network went online on March 27. The goal is to increase the scalability capabilities of the Ethereum network.Zero-knowledge Layer 2 solutions are currently incompatible with Ethereum, despite the emergence of Optimistic Rollup-based solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism.The network is anticipated to support the same code as Ethereum, according to Polygon, which says that its zkEVM will be identical to Ethereum’s Virtual Machine. Programmers won’t have to make any major changes to port Ethereum apps onto the zkEVM network. This is because Polygon zkEVM and Starknet, zkSync and Scroll have been competing over the past year for a ZK-based Layer 2. They can run Ethereum apps. The EVM for the ZK rollup was deployed via Polygon’s zkEVM testing network, which went live in October. This allowed Ethereum developers to transfer smart contracts from the main blockchain to testnet without the need to rewrite them in another language. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: EthereumLayer 2PolygonStarknetZK-rollupzkEVMZksync