Polygon Expects to Rally as Avalanche, With a 35% Increase

Key Points: A pseudonymous expert, Pentoshi, says that Polygon (MATIC), appears bullish and could be preparing to rise towards a key resistance level.
According to the crypto analyst Avalanche is on track to see a 36% increase in its trading volume, currently trading at $20.
An expert who predicted the end to Bitcoin’s bull market (BTC) last year is now forecasting gains for Polygon, a blockchain scaling solution, as well as Avalanche (AVAX), a smart contract platform.
$1.30 is the historical and most important spot on the chart. This is a great spot to focus on the next major move. If we can close the three-day [chart]+ higher than that, then we move into the previous range. Reject and go back to the local lows.
MATIC trades at $1.18 at the time of writing. This is flat on the day. Avalanche (ETH) follows next. The crypto analyst claims that Avalanche is on track to see a 36% increase in trading, with the coin currently trading above $20.
So Amazon enters crypto, partners with AVAX, and then announces an initiative called NFT [non-fungible token] (but it is not confirmed if Avax is involved). They are making moves. This could reach $28 within the next month. The chart looks great, but it needs to be flipped in the $20 area.
According to reports, Amazon collaborated with Ava Labs creator AVAX earlier this month in an effort to accelerate blockchain adoption across multiple industries. According to his tweet, “Think ETH / BTC gets some relief soon.” According to the Pentoshi chart ETH/BTC will rise to approximately 0.072 BTC ($1,677). The pair is currently trading at 0.068934 BTC ($1,605) as of this writing. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: AvalancheAvalanche tokensAVAXavax. TokenMATICMATIC InvestorsPolygonPolygons